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Keiko (Rina Takeda)a cute female trainee sushi chef finds her kung fu skills are called upon when some infected sushi starts to bite back! As the flesh-hungry man-eating Sashimi spring to life with savage teeth, will Keiko be able to save a group of businessmen from the unrelenting terror of the killer fish dishes?


The image here always looks low budget but it retains a natural quality throughout. Skin tones are spot on as far as modern digital low budget features go, detail is strong and colours bright and modern looking. The visuals are a little hazy with a lot of strong lighting on the actors and this gives the whole movie a clean, fresh, filmed on a shoe string feel, even with some pretty cool killer sushi effects.

Later on in the film, there’s more of a comic book look to the film. Colours get zanier with plenty of neon pink lighting and a general colour boost across the entire film. The blood starts spraying and it all looks very rich in redness, skin starts going on show and textures such as goose pimples can be spotted and all in all this is a good, fresh feeling presentation which is very much in tune with the low budget crazy horror genre it lives in.


The 5.1 track here is super frontal with only the rocky score hammering or gentler tunes underpinning things giving the rears anything to do. It’s not all that dynamic, it sounds pretty hollow and it's really only the strong clear dialogue in both the dubbed and un-dubbed versions that shines.

There’s nothing more to say about this very simple track really. Sound effects and dialogue are all just ‘there’, they aren't showing off, they aren't doing anything all that clever and the low budget nature of the film’s production is really felt in its audio set up.


The ‘World Premiere Stage Greeting’ (10:33) in Montreal Canada has the director and his lead actress coming on stage to a roaring crowd who obviously loved the flick.

The ‘Fantasia Film Festival Interview’ (02:32) has the director and his star talk briefly about the project. The film is compared to the likes of Piranha 3D and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes like that's a good thing.

‘Dead Sushi Extreme Sushi Eating Contest’ (13:01) is exactly what it sounds like and takes place at the premiere.

The ‘Making of’ (11:01) is a lot of on set footage and wrapping up the craziness we get the film's trailer and some more Monster Picture trailers.


This tongue in cheek silliness here goes a long way to making Dead Sushi watchable but you’ll need to be in the right mood for it. The silly importance of sushi in the movie is ridiculous, there’s a lot of embarrassing outcomes in fights as well as a ton of  unconvincing martial arts. It’s hard to take anything seriously when sushi is literally killing people left right and centre.

That said for fans of such things, there’s also a lot of hot Asian girls in underwear covered in sushi in this low budget chucklesome horror, so really there’s enough to keep everyone at least intrigued about where this will go next. The disc is pretty to look at for the most part, the audio is bare basics and the extras are pretty madcap so those up for a silly afternoon of sushi killing people, this isn't a bad choice. Mainly because it's the ONLY choice given that I can’t think of any other killer sushi flicks.

Killer Sushi
Killer Sushi
Killer Sushi
Killer Sushi
Killer Sushi
Killer Sushi