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The Series

Lee Nelson is a little chav and his well good TV show is a mixture of stand up comedy in front of his audience and sketches of other characters. The six thirty minute shows are collected here with a second disc full of extras and I for one am already over the one note joke on offer here.

Lee Nelson's Well Good Show
Lee Nelson and the sketch characters in the show all have the same payoff. They have the best intentions but are oblivious to the less savoury side of their characters. It’s funny the first time you see the character of Lee Nelson and I remember first seeing the show advertised and thinking I’d give it a shot. Fifteen minutes in and I was out. The mixture of Ali G (without the smartz) and an over the top take on kids you see hanging outside of shops in town is sort of amusing, but for me it’s just too repetitive to be entertaining.

Watching the entire series for this review and I still have the same feelings. I’m not saying there weren’t elements I laughed at, because Lee Nelson is a confident character and his interactions with the audience can be quite amusing, but this is essentially six episodes of the same gags and unless you like the characters a whole lot that gets boring fast.

Lee Nelson's Well Good Show


The disc doesn’t improve upon an average TV presentation transfer wise. Colours are exactly how they look on TV (a little over bright) and the studio based stand up stuff looks like to have the usual mid range budget with lots of funky lighting that a lot of the BBC Three shows tend to end up with. The sketches look a little better with the skin tones looking a little less pinky but there’s a whole lot of interlacing issues with the transfer and there’s no real step up from the original broadcasts.

Lee Nelson's Well Good Show


The Dolby Stereo 2.0 track is nothing to get excited about. It's bog standard at best but for all it needs to do it’s pretty solid. Dialogue is crisp, the audience laughter fills the speakers and the music in the show sounds pretty full for a 2.0 track but at the end of the day this is a sketch based TV show and it’s not exactly looking to be THX certified now is it?

Lee Nelson's Well Good Show


‘Message from Me + Omelette’ (01:44) is a brief introduction and Lee Nelson and Omelette promise good things extras wise for all you fans out there.

‘Me + Omelette talk Propa Rubbish over Episode 1’ is a commentary track on the first episode and it's more of the same gag
‘Watch 1 Bit of the Show’ splits the shows segments (110% Bent, Hospital Life, Faliriki Nights, Buzz Box and Games) and puts them all together in little collections. So that you can watch all of the series sketches in their own runs.

‘Lee Nelson’s Top 10 Chat Ups’ (05:23) is a countdown of some of the chat up lines used on the show’s audience. ‘Funni Lee Stuff That Wernt On The Telli’ (24:24) is a bunch of extra stuff not seen in the show.

‘What Happened Next in the Disabled Toilets’ (08:28) is some unseen footage of one of the episodes where two guys go into a disabled toilet and have an awkward chat. ‘Old Peeple Do More Fun Stuff’  (02:55) is again more unseen footage from the show but this time it’s more of the old people segment.

‘Well Funni Muck Ups’ (05:50) is the series gag reel and ‘Funni Stuff From Jason Bent, Dr Bob, Hugo Victor Grant That Weren’t on the Telli’ (17:59) is a whole lot of deleted scenes from the shows sketches and as Lee Nelson said it’s the stuff that “wasn’t funny enough to make it on the show in the first place you dicks”.

‘Omelette's Best Bits’ (02:05) are Lee Nelson’s side kick's best bits and lastly ‘Behind the Seens On My Well Good Tour’ (11:39) is a little Featuette covering Lee Nelson’s tour.

Lee Nelson's Well Good Show


Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show may have its followers but I ain’t one of them. The one note gags have their moments but I can’t really say it’s a show that impressed me all that much. That said fans get a fairly good package here. It’s mainly more of the same (albeit unseen) stuff but the runtime for the extras is fairly substantial and the splitting of the sketches into mini collections is quite a good idea too. It’s not my cup-o-tea but all you Nelson-ites out there should have a proper good time with this one, innit.