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It seems that Reese Witherspoon can do no wrong; she is riding the crest of a wave at the moment after appearing in a few successful movies. Films such as Sweet Home Alabama and Cruel Intentions have been partly responsible for her success, but it was her role in Legally Blonde which must take full credit for her new found stardom. Legally Blonde went on to become a sleeper hit, and it was no surprise to find a sequel written and playing in cinemas only a couple of years later. This time around Reese Witherspoon stepped into the co-producer role, and the movie looked certain to be a success.

Legally Blonde 2: Collector's Edition
Reese Witherspoon reprises her role as Elle Woods in this sequel. Elle has grown up considerably since the first movie and is now planning to get married to Emmett (Luke Wilson), and is working for a high profile law firm. She is well respected at the company and seems to have a promising future ahead of her. During her wedding preparations Elle decides to hire a private detective to search for Bruiser's mother, who she would like to come to the wedding. The results are decisive, Elle tracks down the elusive dog but is distressed to find out that she is a test subject for a cosmetics company. Elle is a determined woman and promptly decides to start a campaign to rescue Bruiser's mother, however she doesn't receive the support of her company and ends up getting the sack.

Not deterred by her lack of a job, Elle decides to take her cause to the next level. She heads off to Washington and drafts 'Bruiser’s Bill' which she hopes will lead to the release of Bruiser's mother. She teams up with Representative Rudd (Sally Field), her boss who seems to be on the same wave length as Elle. As with the first movie, Elle finds that other people are quite cold towards her, and she is about to face the most difficult challenge of her career.

Having enjoyed the first movie, I was hoping for more of the same from this sequel. Unfortunately the key ingredients that made the first movie successful are sadly missing here. The original movie was fun and did not take itself seriously, however this sequel is just too dull, and lacks humourous moments. The catchphrase for the movie is supposed to be 'bigger, bolder, blonder', and while I wouldn't argue with that statement, it certainly doesn't make it a better movie. The first movie was original and the character of Elle could be relied upon to be naive and fun, but with this sequel the character has matured too much, and has lost a lot of her appealing traits in the process. There are also not enough funny moments, I would class the first movie as a romantic comedy, but this sequel probably only has around three funny moments and is enormously disappointing.

Legally Blonde 2: Collector's Edition
If you are a fan of the first Legally Blonde movie then don't expect more of the same. If it wasn't for Reese Witherspoon in the lead role, this movie would be a complete disaster. She plays her role in expert fashion, and is the only plus point to come from this movie. Otherwise Legally Blonde 2 is a poor attempt to cash in on the franchise, and little effort has been made to recapture the magic of the first movie. At best I would recommend this as a rental title, Legally Blonde 2 is a real disappointment.

Legally Blonde 2 is presented in Anamorphic Widescreen, and has its theatrical aspect ratio of 1.85:1. Generally speaking this is a pretty decent effort by MGM, but I was slightly disappointed by the lack of clarity at certain points. For the majority of scenes the image is clear and precise, but there are a handful of scenes which seemed blurred and lacking in depth. Colour levels are not lacking however and appreared vibrant and lifelike. The colourful character of Elle Woods is accurately brought to the screen and her pink clothes are striking as well. Black levels are not tested very much throughout, but when they are they appear solid and true.

As for blemishes, there are none to really note. The image, as mentioned above, is in pristine condition, there was no sign of edge enhancements and grain levels are kept to an absolute minimum. Considering the number of extras on this discs it is also surprising that compression artifacts are no where to be seen. Overall, this is a worthy effort by MGM and leaves me with very little to grumble about.

MGM have supplied just the one soundtrack with this release, that being an English Dolby Digital 5.1 track. Like most comedies there is very little rear action with this soundtrack. In fact the number of times that the action makes its way backwards could be counted on a single hand, it’s that few! Legally Blonde 2 is entirely dialogue driven (apart from the musical score), so thankfully the dialogue is clear, precise and extremely audible throughout the whole movie. The only other things to note are the menus which are static, apart from the fact that they have a camera noise and the menu unfolds on the screen in front of you. Subtitles cater for most languages, and there are sixteen languages available in total.

The first extra you will come across on this disc is an Audio Commentary with Jennifer Coolidge, Alanna Ubach and Jessica Cauffiel, who are all female stars from the movie. This is a very lively extra and definitely one for the women. I cannot envisage many men sticking with this commentary as it goes into too many women related issues. However, saying that there are also some interesting facts which are discussed, for example the opening scene was originally re-shot and the second time around Reese Witherspoon was pregnant, so they had to only show the top half of her. The commentary can be accompanied by English or Dutch subtitles.

Legally Blonde 2: Collector's Edition
Another extra which is used to accompany the main movie is the Trivia Track. This option allows you to watch the movie with a trivia box displayed at the bottom of the screen. The box never seems to disappear and the facts that are displayed seem to be relevant and also quite interesting. Next up is a featurette called Blonde Ambition. This starts by explaining how the storyline came about. The producer and writers were looking for a cause that Elle would feel passionate enough about to fight for, but also at the same time putting her in a 'fish out of water' position. The featurette then moves onto the traditional backslapping section where the director gets complimented by cast and crew alike. This a very detailed featurette, it runs for over twenty one minutes and covers aspects such as how certain scenes came about through to explanations about various characters from the movie. Fans of the movie will love this extra and should find that most aspects of the movie are covered.

Following on in the same vein are four other featurettes. The first one is called Pretty in Pink and focuses on the character of Elle Woods. It is evident that a lot of design and though had gone into making the movie true to the first film. This featurette also goes into detail about the filming in Washington and creating the sets to look like Washington offices. It lasts for just over six minutes. The next featurette is titled Stars and Stripes, Never!. This particular extra goes into the costume design for the movie. This extra is very much aimed at women, and for that reason I found it a little boring. If you want to find out about the particular clothes that Reese Witherspoon wore throughout the movie then you will love this extra, which lasts for seven minutes. The third featurette is called Hair Apparent, and as the title suggests it goes into the different hair styles in the movie. Once again this is an extra for the ladies and reminded me a little of one of the extras on the first Legally Blonde DVD. As the extra mentions, Elle's hair is an important aspect of the movie, so you shouldn't be surprised to find out that it lasts for over six minutes. Rounding up the featurettes is [/i]Elle's Anthem[/i]. This featurette goes into depth on the musical score and is probably the most interesting featurette. We get to see behind the scenes footage where the orchestra play the music with the movie displayed on a big screen in front of them. The musical score was recorded in LA and was written in just a month. This featurette has lots of interesting discussions and lasts for around six minutes.

Next up are deleted scenes, of which there are seven in total. Each scene has to be watched separately, and there is no option to watch them all at once. Included in these scenes is an alternative opening sequence which is just as cheesy as the original scenes, but I would probably have chosen. This scene introduces Sally Field's character a lot earlier and for that reason it was probably moved to the cutting floor. The deleted scenes available are better than your average ones found, and this section is definitely worth a visit. Following on from the deleted scenes is a Gag Reel, which shows lots of the bloopers that happened during filming. The sad thing about this extra is that it is a lot funnier than the movie itself! The Gag Reel plays a continuous clip and lasts for just over two and half minutes.

A music video is the next extra you will find on this disc. It is called [/i]We Can[/i] and is performed by LeAnn Rimes. As you would expect from the artist, this is a pop track which has a catchy chorus. Throughout the video there are various scenes from the movie which are shown. The music video lasts for around three minutes and is followed by an advert for the Legally Blonde 2 soundtrack. The next extra is the Theatrical Trailer, which lasts for two minutes and does a good job of selling the movie to be like the original. However, it does featurette the funniest parts from the movie, and as these are few and far it is advisable to watch this trailer after the movie. Another trailer is next up, but this one is for a computer game instead. The Sims 2 is advertised, and though we don't get to see any of the game itself I found this an entertaining couple of minutes.

Now onto the final couple of extras, the first being a Delta Nu Interactive Quiz. With this extra you have to answer questions which are read out by various members of the cast. Once you have answered all the questions, Reese Witherspoon then tells you if you have what it takes to become a Delta Nu Sister. The final extra on this disc is a Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery. Each photo is shown for a couple of seconds, and you don't have any control of which photos to show, which is a little different from most photo galleries.

Legally Blonde 2: Collector's Edition
I did come across a couple of Easter eggs as well while searching through the extras. If you press the up key on your remote, while inside extra menu which houses the featurettes, then you will be transported to another screen which has Bruiser's Outtakes and an extra called [/i]Puppy Love[/i]. The outtakes are extremely funny and show clips of Bruiser in training for the movie. Let’s just say that things didn’t always go to plan! The Puppy Love extra is a featurette which covers Bruiser's sexuality! This Easter egg last for just over two minutes and is worth uncovering.

It is widely renowned that sequels are for the most part bad news, as they never seem to recreate the magic of the original and grossly underachieve. Legally Blonde 2 is a prime example of this, it is disappointing throughout and raises only a few laughs. Reese Witherspoon does her best to relight the movie, but even her talents are not enough to save this turkey! For this reason MGM must be complimented for supplying a disc which has quality written all over it. The transfer is what you would expect from a recent blockbuster, and the soundtrack is efficient. However, it is the extras which excel, there are some good featurettes and the deleted scenes are also worth a moment of your time. On its technical merits you should give this disc a try, however don't expect much from the movie itself.