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On first appearances Legally Blonde looks like a dumb girlie film and a pretty bad one at that! You can imagine my thoughts when my wife decided to drag me along to the cinema to watch it. After ten minutes of the film my opinion had not changed but as the film progressed I found myself actually liking it. Well with this review I had the chance to revisit this girlie comedy.

Legally Blonde
Legally Blonde is set in California and follows the lively life of Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon). I say lively as Elle is well liked and has won numerous beauty awards. Elle is a materialistic girl who loves fancy clothes and shoes. Most of her life is spent shopping or grooming herself. Life couldn’t be any better for her as she has lots of girlie friends and a wonderful intelligent boyfriend. Warner Huntington III (Matthew Davis) is Elle’s boyfriend, who is looking forward to going to Law school. For that reason he thinks Elle is not a suitable choice of girlfriend and decides to dump her.  Warner is after a more intelligent and sophisticated women so decides it is time to part company with Elle. One of my favourite lines from the film comes from the scene where Warner tells Elle that he wants to split up with her. He says, “If I am going to be a Senator I need to marry a Jackie not a Marilyn”.

Obviously upset with the rejection from Warner, Elle decides to prove him wrong and win back his affection. Elle has the bright idea of applying to Harvard Law School to study with Warner. She thinks that if she shows him she can make it as a lawyer then he will be interested again. Elle sets about applying for the course in the only way she can. She makes an entry video, which raised a smile when I watched it. I won’t spoil it for you but it was certainly amusing! Well not surprisingly she gains entry onto the course and sets winning back Warner. This proves to be harder than she first thought, as Warner has already found a fiancée in Vivian (Selma Blair).

At first Elle finds it hard to make friends as her fellow students refuse to look past her spoilt/pink appearance. With no experience of law Elle finds it hard to come to terms with the workload she is given, but gradually she makes friends and starts to understand the subject. As she becomes more popular will she still feel the same way about Warner? I will leave the rest to your imagination.

Legally Blonde is full of flaws and unbelievable twists. I found it unrealistic that Elle managed to get into Harvard Law School when she only had a qualification in Fashion Merchandising. There are many flaws in the storyline like this. However the film is enjoyable and I felt myself ignoring any unbelievable moments just because the film moved along at a reasonable pace. Legally Blonde is not meant to be taken as a serious movie, so when watching it I would advise you to just sit back and enjoy the show!

Reese Witherspoon is not my favourite actress in the world but I can appreciate that she does an excellent job in Legally Blonde. Reese’s character is meant to be spoilt as well as naive at times, and Witherspoon brings this element to the screen with great accuracy. Not many actresses in Hollywood presently could have played the part of Elle so I think Reese Witherspoon was the perfect choice.

As mentioned at the beginning of this review I was left wondering why I was watching Legally Blonde. This was simply because it was too much like what I imagined a girlie sleep over party to be like! There was too much screaming, talk about men and general girlie chitchat. However as the film settled down I found it to be quite funny and I ended caring a little bit about the main character. The marketing of this film will put off lots of men. You cannot get away from the girlie look and feel of the movie. I am sure there are some men reading this and thinking ‘nah this film is not for me!’ however if you look past the overly used pink colour of the cover and sit down and watch this movie you will be surprised. Legally Blonde is a likeable fun movie, which will leave you with a nice warm feeling after watching it.  

Legally Blonde is presented in 2.35:1Anamorphic Widescreen. With new release you can expect an excellent transfer and Legally Blonde is no exception. Due to the nature of the film the colour was something I was interested in checking with this release. Legally Blonde uses a wide range of colour ranging from Black to bright pink. I am glad to report that the transfer dealt with this superbly. You only have to look at chapter six to see how realistic the scene seems. One of the main criticisms of the region 1 release was the frequent amount of compression artefacts. This was blamed on the extra pan & scan version packed onto the disc. The region 2 version only houses the one transfer and gladly shows little sign of compression artefacts. I would go as far as to say that Legally Blonde is an exceptional transfer which has perfect sharpness, contrast and no edge enhancement. I struggled to find anything wrong with this transfer.

Legally Blonde
The audio side of the disc came as no real surprise. Included is an English Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack. For a release that is meant for Europe I was a little disappointed to find no other languages. The overall quality of the 5.1 track is pretty good. As with most comedy soundtracks there is little use of the rear speakers. The dialogue is clear and crisp. The soundtrack on Legally Blonde is on par with other recent comedy tracks. It does the job but is not reference material. Your surround system will not be tested with this track!

Also include on the disc are various subtitles to compensate for the lack of a foreign soundtrack. Included are Turkish, Swedish, Slovenian, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Finnish, English, Danish, Czech and Croatian.

The extras that MGM have included on the disc are pretty impressive at first sight. First up we have a nine-minute featurette titled 'The Hair that Ate Hollywood'. The featurette has to be one of the weirdest I have seen on DVD so far. Its safe to say that it is targeted more at the female audience. I say this as the featurette is solely about blonde hair. Yes that is right! The director, producer and cast all talk about Reese’s blond hair. We get behind the scenes footage of actual hair tests as well as some interviews with the makeup people.  It is clear to see from the featurette that a lot of thought went into the shade of blonde of Reese’s hair. Altogether during the film there are forty different hairstyles in the movie. Just to prove that fact the featurette gives us an example of each one.

Also included as an extra are the deleted scenes. Altogether there are eight deleted scenes, which are introduced by director Robert Luketic. I am not a great fan of director introductions as all directors say the same things when explaining why they removed scenes from a movie. We always get a long-winded explanation about how it was best for the movie and kept the film flowing. Well the introduction by Luketic is no different. The deleted scenes vary in length from a couple of minutes to a few seconds. They also stretch out across the whole movie, which is nice to see.  I would say that out of the eight scenes about three of them are interesting. The first deleted scene is set after Elle’s break up with Warner and is actually pretty good. Other highlights are the practical joke scenes, which are pretty funny, and the interview scene.

For fans of the theme music there is a music video included on the disc. The video is titled ‘Perfect Day’ and is sung by Hoku. This song is the main theme song from the movie and plays at the beginning and end of the movie. I quite like the song so I found it a nice addition to the extras.  As well as the video you will find the standard trailer. The Legally Blonde trailer is just over two minutes long. Like most trailers it is probably best not to watch it until you have watched the film. Lots of spoilers are given away in the trailer. I also noticed some scenes in the trailer, which did not make the final cut. In fact some of the scenes were included in the deleted scenes, which is strange.

Lastly we have the Commentary with director Robert Luketic, Reese Witherspoon and Producer Marc Platt. I found this commentary to be quite entertaining and lively. Obviously the speakers enjoyed making the film and this is evident during the commentary.  During the commentary we find out some shocking facts like the opening scene, which is supposed to feature Reese. In fact the girl in the opening scene is not Reese. Shock Horror!!!! Other secrets include the director telling us that when a particular scene has a tree with leaves falling from it, that two guys out of shot are dropping the leaves. This commentary is very funny and the speakers seem to have a similar sense of humour. One thing that does spoil the commentary a little is the constant creeping of the director and producer towards Reese Witherspoon. They constantly compliment her and mention how beautiful she looks. I lost count of the number of times they did it and Reese certainly sounded embarrassed after a while. To compliment the commentary is the Trivia Track. The Trivia track is basically a fact file, which runs while the movie is playing. Boxes pop up throughout the movie giving you useful bits of information.

Legally Blonde
Legally Blonde surprised many critics when released. I found it to be a very entertaining movie, which does have huge flaws in its story but nevertheless does its job, which is to entertain. Legally Blonde contains a bit of everything to keep all audiences happy. It is funny, sad, pretty, cute and pleasing all in one. The disc is also impressive with an exception transfer, adequate sound and a good choice of extras. If you are after a movie that will bring a smile to your face and allows you to turn your brain off for a couple of hours then give Legally Blonde a try.