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"Little Nicky" is the story of Nicky (Sandler), the youngest of three sons of the devil himself. Of course they make their home in Hell, heavy metal music is a staple of entertainment and he is not a big fan of his older brothers, Adrian (Rhys Ifans) and Cassius (Tommy "Tiny" Lister Jr.). The grand pooba of Hell, Satan, is portrayed by Harvey Keitel who after ruling the underworld for 10,000 years decides one of his sons should take over. However, Satan decides that neither of the sons is ready to rule and he decides to keep his throne.  Adrian and Cassius then flee Hell to rule earth because of their father’s decision and its up to Nicky to bring them back to earth.  Thus begins, Nicky’s adventure on Earth, guided by a talking bulldog, gets a roommate with an actor and meeting Valerie (Patricia Arquette) Nicky searches for his brothers. Along the way he meets a colorful cast of characters and learns a number of lessons about living.

"Little Nicky" is absolutely, hands down the worst Adam Sandler movie yet. Not only did I not like it, I found myself searching for something else to do while it played, although I was able to finish watching this film. I honestly felt like I had lost 90 minutes of my life that I know could have been spent doing something else a lot more productive. And then I dreaded having to go back and watch the film again, while listening to the commentary tracks, which were thankfully a bit more enjoyable.

I think this film was made simply for a paycheck. It is filled with an enormous amount of  childish, immature jokes that aren’t funny. Although, I must admit there was a time or two that I did chuckle out loud.

This is a spectacular transfer from New Line. Presented in its letterboxed version at 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen. The film is sharp and clear with little to no flaws. The colors throughout the film are clear, rich and make this DVD edition glorious. I did not notice one scratch, bleeding, or edge enhancement that may have contributed to any problems of the transfer. Once again, New Line Home Video has gone over the top with this transfer.

The audio features English 5.1 and 2.0 Dolby Digital surround tracks; the fantastic sound mixes complement the video transfer. In addition to the film score, "Little Nicky" features a heavy metal soundtrack that comes across extremely well that’s loaded with bass. Also included are an English 2.0 Dolby surround track, English closed captions and subtitles.
Hailed as a "Platinum Edition" from New Line Home Video, "Little Nicky" lacks nothing in bonus material. In fact, I think that is probably the best part of the entire DVD.

First of all, there are animated menus that allow the viewer to choose a path in order to play the film. The first time I saw these menus, I played along, but it would have been nice to be able to bypass the "game" and just start the film. Especially if this were in my collection and all I wanted to do was watch the film.

There are two commentaries included here, the first featuring co-writer Sandler; Steven Brill, director /co-writer; and Tim Herlihy, co-writer. The three of these guys are old friends and the commentary they provide is entertaining while they reflect on the making of the film. They discuss the birth of the film the production process and the studio’s reactions to the film.

The second commentary is a cast commentary hosted by Michael McKean and featuring: Blake Clark, Peter Dante, Clint Howard, Rhys Ifans, Tommy "Tiny" Lister Jr., Jonathan Loughran, Jon Lovitz, Kevin Nealon, Ozzy Osbourne, and Henry Winkler.
I absolutely loved this commentary. With this amount of people available to discuss the film, they were able to give their viewpoints about their characters and the film. However, this is not a group commentary with everyone in the same room. It is edited together that includes interviews with the cast. However, I still found it to be enjoyable.

Also included are two documentaries. The first, "Adam Sandler Goes to Hell" is a 20-minute feature on production of the film, including cast interviews, production design, special effects. This documentary features a huge amount of information about the happenings of what went on behind-the-scenes. Compared to the usual promotional pieces billed as behind-the-scenes featurette, this one is actually pretty good.

The second documentary, "Satan’s Top Forty" discusses heavy metal music and features interviews with Ozzy Osbourne, Gene Simmons and Ronnie James Dio. This feature runs approximately 17 minutes and displays the history of heavy metal music and its fans. Cast members are also again interviewed.

There are 21 deleted or extended scenes on the DVD. And as I watched these scenes, I could see why they were left on the cutting room floor. Some of it is a waste of time, but others are especially funny and well worth it.

Finally there is a music video from P.O.D. for their song, "School of Hard Knocks". The video is in Dolby 2.1 surround sound, the theatrical trailer and cast and crew flimographies.

For those with access to a DVD-ROM, the complete screenplay is there with direct scene access, the theatrical website, screensavers and other desktop downloads.

I think "Little Nicky" is either a love it or hate it type of a movie. Fans of Sandler may find this film a bit dumb, boring, and childish, however, avid, diehard fans are sure to love it. If not for anything else, purchase the DVD for its extra features alone. They certainly outshine the film. Also, keep an eye out for cameo appearances by Quentin Tarantino and Clint Howard (Ron Howard’s brother). If you are unsure whether this film belongs in your collection, a rental is the best bet. New Line Home Video has reigned again as the king of making a fantastic looking and sounding DVD, despite the moronic film that is presented with it.