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One night, two people, on a first date like no other... Nancy (Lake Bell) 34, single, hung-over, is done with dating. That is until Jack (Simon Pegg) mistakes Nancy for his blind date under the clock at Waterloo Station, and she just goes with it.

 Man Up
Man Up is set in London and boy does it celebrate it. Not in the flashy shot kind of way but on the familiar locations at Waterloo and by the Thames many visitiors to the city will instantly relate to. It grounds the film in a sort of realism that many Rom-Coms miss with their glossy fantasy worlds of the biggest and brightest New York settings and that adds a whole lot of charm to this proud to be British, British Rom-Com.

The lead, Lake Bell, an Amercian actress, from the first scene nails the British accent and its many quirks and unconfident stumbles. She's instantly likable and when she gets involved with Pegg the pair make a charming twosome.

 Man Up
Pegg is an odd film star for me at this stage. I obviously adore the man in Shaun of the Dead and the Edgar Wright colaborations and his Jar Jar Binks style sidekickery in the Mission Impossible series is fun but his film choices beyond that tend to leave me cold. He never quite fits outside of the C onentto Trilogy lead roles or the goofy sidekick roles in MI. He often feels misplaced, or samey or his delivery seems off or something but I am glad to report that is not the case here.

The two leads play it loose, its feels awkwardly semi-improvised despite the clearly structured path this story is going to take and the odd mental stalker and doesn't quite work dance scene aside, this remains charming and warm throughout.

Most great Rom-Coms work for me when the land the chaos perfectly in the final act and Man Up totally manages that, packed with chuckles, tears and general feel goodery Man Up hits the target, even after going through the usual trials of people lying to each other, generally being mean or insentative and of course doing things no ordinary person would ever do under any circumstance for the sake of giggles. Ahhh the Rom-Com, it's a strange beast but somehow they keep finding ways for the odd one to work and this one was one of them for me.

 Man Up


A lush glowing modern image, Man Up is full of strong bold colours that leap off the screen and ticks all the good bits of a modern HD presentation.

Whehter night or day setting, the image finds ways to pop with colour. Autmunal costumes look warm and heavy, neon lights bring the London streets to life with Taxis and uneven pavements and the interior bar scenes still proivide a good bit of detail even with minimal lighting at times.

Strong blacks bounce off of the natural skin tones and colourful costumes  help along the sharp edges and relatively strong detail, though some of it sometimes like a little soft with the lighting softening elements.

This is of course a minimal negative as the image is otherwise fantastic and fits the rom-com gooey warmth the style provides like a glove, selling the British setting well while giving it a glowing slice of HD goodness.

 Man Up


The audio track is layered well from the opening hotel party, with the party tunes rumbling away in the rear speakers but giving the dialogue plenty of room to be the main element in the fronts.

This pattern continues whether the scene is on a train, a street or whatever, the dialogue remains the priority and always remains clear and crisp.

There's not really much more going on beyond that. The odd stronger music track muscles its way in to link scenes and there';s the Duran Duran dance off in the middle that gets a bit more lively but generally this is dialogue, dialogue dialogue and a undercurrent of background noise as a standard set up.

 Man Up


'The Seven Beats Of Man Up' (40:36 HD) is a rather lengthy making of with lots of input from all involved.

'Simon and Lake' (04:06 HD) is a funny little interview with the two leads.

The 'Bloopers' (06:22 HD) provide some genuine chuckles at times and the
trailer wraps up the extras.

 Man Up


THis is an easy watch and not just because of the solid presenation. The leads are fun to be around, the film, despite the manic nature of the situation totally convimces you hat these two (probably insane) people should give being together a shot and I personally came out of the other end grinning, even if thinking back to some of the more out there scenes, the film is a little all over the place. None of that matters really, this is a Rom-COm and despite our most cynical thoughts, if you liek the couple, you totally want to see them get together, right? Well worth a watch this one, it's a charming slice of Brits doing the US thing with some British charm.