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Mission Impossible II is the follow up to Brian De Palma’s first instalment. It was shot in Australia and brought together action director John Woo (Face Off) and Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise (Jerry Maguire). At a cost of $125 million was this troubled sequel going to live up to its hype and surpass its prequel?

Mission Impossible II
Well, Mission Impossible II took over $500 million worldwide but still managed to disappoint a few people. I personally thoroughly enjoyed it. Mission Impossible II is a typical John Woo film. For anyone who hasn’t seen his previous movies you can expect big explosions, slow motion action scenes and plenty of bizarre stunts. The plot of Mission Impossible II is far simpler than its original. It revolves around a lethal virus which is stolen by a group of terrorists led by power hungry Sean Ambrose (Dougray Scott). Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) has the "Impossible Mission" of acquiring the virus and stopping Ambrose along the way. Hunt is helped by love interest Nyah Nordolf-Hall (Thandie Newton) and computer genius Luther Stickwell (Ving Rhames). Anthony Hopkins also adds to the excellent cast and hopefully his role can be built on in future instalments of this franchise.As I said earlier with John Woo movies you can expect lots of spectacular action and this film is no different. Mission Impossible is like two different films. The first half is like the first Mission Impossible while the second half is full of action. Some of the action will leave you amazed but some of it will seem a little over the top. However, there is no doubting that Mission Impossible is very entertaining.

Mission Impossible II has an excellent 16:9 transfer that is faultless. For a new release this is what you would expect. The picture is crisp and clear, and this adds to the enjoyment of the end action scenes. The colours are vivid and add to an impressive transfer.

Mission Impossible II
The Menus are pretty simple. The main menu has a picture of Tom Cruise, with the Mission Impossible Music playing in the background.

There is a Dolby digital 5.1 English and French soundtrack included, but for some reason a DTS soundtrack is missing. However the soundtrack that is included is pretty solid and some of the explosions make full use of the surround sound speakers.
The extras on this DVD are acceptable. Included is a commentary by director John Woo, which is entertaining. The commentary is amusing as Woo’s English is not the best, however it is interesting to see why scenes were included. Also included on the DVD are several featurettes and interviews. The highlight of these is a 34 minute programme, which breaks down 11 action scenes and shows you how they were shot and why they were included in the movie. For any John Woo fans, this extra alone makes the DVD a worthwhile purchase.

Mission Impossible II
Other extras include an alternative title sequence, as well as a Metallica music video. It would have been nice for them to have included a Limp Bizkit music video as well, but maybe that’s being a bit fussy. Also missing from the DVD seems to be trailers for the movie which is very strange! My favourite extra on the DVD is probably a Mission Impossible II inspired parody from the MTV music awards. It involves sketches starring Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise. This 6 minute programme is a worthy addition to the DVD and is very amusing.  
This is a perfectly acceptable DVD to add to any action fans collection. Mission Impossible II is certainly not a classic, but as an entertaining blockbuster it does not disappoint.