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There’s a bit of a party happening at Beth (Jamie King) and Daniel (Frank Grillo) Sohapi’s house, with a few friends a few drinks and some good times but when three brothers (Patrick John Flueger, Warren Kole and Matt O'Leary) come smashing through the door after a botched bank job and find the friends partying in what used to be their family home, things turn nasty and they call their mother (Rebecca De Mornay) to sort out the situation.

 Mother's Day
For a few minutes before putting this movie into review I was hoping for a The Hand That Rocks the Cradle return to form for De Mornay here. Not that I love that movie or anything but I have fond memories of it and when you see De Mornay is doing crazy again there is something about her role in Cradle that has lasted the test of time. Well that hope was soon dashed when what we actually get is a poor excuse for a motherly spin in a horror movie.

Let's take this step by step. The opening scenes have a baby being stolen, some friends and some partying and one of three brothers bleeding to death in the back of a car. None one of these threads seem the least bit interesting. Then the brothers and the partying come together and some pretty routine violence begins with no sense of tension and not one person in the crowd I found myself caring all that much for. Then as a nice surprise Jessica from True Blood (Deborah Ann Woll) turns up and then De Mornay finally arrives and this movie goes from loose to more than a little silly.

 Mother's Day
It’s one thing to accept someone stumbling across a messed up family in the middle of nowhere (ala Texas Chainsaw Massacre) but this mix of criminally minded sons and their prim and proper (but actually insane) mum coming together in their old house and terrorising some suburban couples somehow feels ridiculous to me.  There’s no real sense of why this family are so off the tracks beyond some thin on the surface reveals and De Mornay’s almost ridiculous well planned criminal mind when it comes to fixing her sons' situation gets tiresome real quick.

Despite the tortures, the shootings and fights there’s zero tension here. Everything is predictable from the beginning, De Mornay’s twisted motherly concern only really works about ten percent of the time and the heavy handed “mother” theme gets ridiculous when the fights in the kitchen with cutting boards and cooking utensils begin (honestly it’s ridiculous long before that, this was just the icing on the cake). Mother’s Day did nothing for me. It wasn’t scary, it wasn’t tense, it wasn’t all that good. If it wasn't taking itself so seriously it might have ended up fun but in the end it just comes off as yet another a weak spin on modern horror that just didn’t have the balls to stab its way into any kind of spotlight even if the closing scene thinks a franchise might be in the building stages.

 Mother's Day


Initially Mother's Day has that tanned feel to it that a lot of HD movies have of late. This makes everyone look nice and healthy with a warmness to everything and even though it throws off colours a little, this gives the impression of a good looking HD presentation. Looking closer, textures are rarely more than hinted at and generally the image has no real spark to it.

Moving into the basement, the creamy colouring leaves and more realistic colours are allowed to pop a little. De Mornay's blue Mum costume sticks out amongst the crowd and her light blue eyes are quite striking as well. Blood begins to look better (but is still a little orange) and a few of the close ups provide some nice textures especially on the boring characters' faces.

 Mother's Day
Generally the transfer is simply 'okay'. There's no grain, it has a digital feel to it and it has a nice glow but with a movie that looks  as bland as this, there's not much to get excited about really.


The DTS-HD Master Audio track is quite heavy in the front channels. The clear dialogue lives there and for the most part the score does too. There's the odd flutter of bass for the more thrilling moments and via attempts to add some heart beating tension and occasionally the rear speakers have the odd chime or musical touch to enable the pretty confined track to breathe a bit. Overall the whole thing feels a little flat and never really provides the jumps or scares it should.

 Mother's Day


The bonus material consists of some thrown together interviews (57:12 HD) from pretty much all of the cast. None of which are at all engaging or feel all that thought about, mainly due to their badly edited together presentation.

The 'B-Roll' footage (11:11 HD) is some on set stuff and lastly we've got the trailer (01:42 HD) wrapping up a pretty boring set of extras.

 Mother's Day


Mother's Day wasn't about Mother's Day at all but it was about a mother who was unconvincingly over the top in a situation that never felt believable. With that combination this is another horror movie that aims low and still fails to deliver the basics and while the disc is just about adequate in the A/V departments the extras are about as hollow as the film so cross this one off your Halloween list (and your Mother's Day list while you're at it).

* Note: The below images are taken from the Blu-ray release and resized for the page. Full-resolution captures are available by clicking individual images, but due to .jpg compression they are not necessarily representative of the quality of the transfer.