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Being a twenty-something I wasn’t sure what to make of this DVD when it popped through my door. I was a fan of the blockbuster Mummy movies, but an animated series based on them is another proposition. I have recently had a baby girl, so in the not too distant future my TV viewing is going to be mostly made up of cartoons and yet more cartoons! With that in mind I decided to start my cartoon experience early and see what Universal’s latest offering was really like.  

Mummy : Quest For The Lost Scrolls, The
The Mummy Animated : Quest For the Lost Scrolls is a feature length animated movie from the makers of the Mummy movies. It follows the adventures of the O’Connell family (Rick, Evy and Alex), and from my initial understanding the film follows on from  the second Mummy movie. The movie starts off with the O’Connell’s family holiday, which unlike most family holidays involves adventure and archaeology hunts. This animated series gives us more insight into the character of Alex O’Connell (the son), who has built up an impressive knowledge of ancient Egyptian history.

Their holiday away yields major benefits for the family as Evy is offered a job as an archaeologist at the museum. As part of her job she is asked to go to Egypt to bring backs some historical objects. In true adventurous style, Rick and Alex accompany their mother on the journey. However, things do not go to plan and Alex stumbles across a bracelet which he puts on. Meanwhile, elsewhere the Mummy (Imhotep) is awoken from the dead and wants the bracelet. It doesn’t take a scientist to predict that what we get for the rest of the movie is exciting chases and confrontations between the O’Connell family and the Mummy.

Mummy : Quest For The Lost Scrolls, The
As mentioned its going to take me a while to adjust to animated movies, but I found The Mummy Animated movie to be quite enjoyable. It has enough thrills and adventure to keep most keeps kids happy. It also has a fairly good sense of humour which adults and children alike will chuckle at. The ingredients of the Mummy movies have been transferred over well to this live action film. The nature of this movie may mean that certain scenes could be scary for young children (hence the PG rating), so it would probably be worth a parental viewing first. If you want to restrict your children to only spending a short time in front of the TV screen, you will also be glad to hear that the movie is actually split into three episodes which can be viewed individually. Overall this is a reasonable animated movie.

Presented in its original 4:3 aspect ratio Universal have done a reasonable job in transferring the movie to DVD. The movie has an 80s feel to it, but that doesn’t mean that the colours are dull and lifeless. In fact the colour reproduction is reasonably good, with black levels withstanding the test well. The image is also crisp with the finest details expressed clearly on screen. I didn’t notice any artefacts during the running time and edge enhancements also seemed to keep a low profile. Universal have produced a transfer which is not quite ready to challenge the best that DVD has to offer, but it is certainly the highlight of this disc.

Universal haven’t really pushed the boat out with this soundtrack, however it does its job proficiently and kids aren’t going to know if it has DTS sound or not! The soundtrack on offer is an English Dolby 2.0 surround track and provides enough clarity and definition to keep most people content. Dialogue is clear throughout, so overall this is a perfectly acceptable track. As for subtitles there are only English ones on offer.

Mummy : Quest For The Lost Scrolls, The
Unfortunately the quality of extras with this release is not likely to keep your kids interested for long. First up is a Trivia Challenge. For the challenge you have to answer a number of questions, with the prize being a bonus episode of the Mummy Animated series. Not a bad incentive! The questions are not too hard and should be able to be completed by fans of the movie within a few attempts. Next up is an extra entitled Egyptology, which simply put is a host of information about characters and places during the period of the movie. The information is pretty basic, but probably informative enough for its target audience.

Next up are Character files which include five of the main characters from the movie. This is the equivalent of a cast and crew section you would find on any live movie DVD. Once again the information presented is of a basic level, but should be of interest to the younger viewers of this DVD. Lastly, there is a Mummy Animated trailer which lasts for just over a minute and should have kiddies everywhere nagging their parents to buy the DVD. The trailer looks like it might have been produced as a TV advert, but nevertheless it still does a decent job of promoting the DVD.

Mummy : Quest For The Lost Scrolls, The
The Mummy Animated movie is something I never thought I would ever find myself watching, and certainly not enjoying, however this is a pretty decent effort from Universal. The success of the live mummy movies has been built upon, and kids should enjoy the thrills and spills which are thrown up during the three episodes here. Its certainly not a classic, but should keep the youngsters happy, although whether they will continue to go back to it is open for debate. As for the disc itself, it is nothing more than adequate. A crisp transfer is never really built upon, as it is mingled with a functional soundtrack and timid extras. I can recommend this disc, but don’t expect your kids to be hassling you to watch it again too often.