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Your girlfriend splits up with you; you’re gutted because it’s all over. Well it is, unless you call in the Tank (Dane Cook). For a small fee he’ll take your ex out on a date, treat her mean, show her what the world of dating is really like and before you know it, she’ll be on the phone to you, begging to get back with the nice guy she’d taken for granted. Simple really. That is until the Tank's roommate (Jason Biggs) asks him to step in to help out with his work colleague Alexis (Kate Hudson) and the Tank falls for his best friend's girl.

My Best Friend's Girl
What is it with Dane Cook? His movie career is all over the place. Coming off the success of his stand up career, which for the most part is funny stuff, he provided a fantastic little role as Floyd in the under loved Waiting..., then he hopped into the mainstream, joining Jessica Simpson in Employee of the Month and while it wasn’t that good a movie, he was a solid lead role. Trying a bit of drama and donning a beard he held his own quite well against Costner in Mr Brooks but followed that with 2007’s Good Luck Chuckwhich was just dross (with the exception of Alba looking great in penguin pants). Bouncing back he provided a great performance in Dan in Real Life (even if it seemed like he was just playing himself), but once again rebounded right back into what at first glance seems another throw away comedy, which in all honesty My Best Friend's Girl is... but that’s not to say that that’s a bad thing.

My Best Friends Girl walks the line between cookie cutter mundane, seen it all before nonsense and feel good belly laughs for almost its entire runtime. It’s got some super crude gags (which I love) and some chuckling little one-liners and comebacks (which again I love). There's good chemistry between the leads, plus plenty of supporting characters to enjoy and on a more personal note, it’s also got Miss Diora Baird, albeit in a fairly small role, but hey at least she got a character name in this one (it's usually just 'Hot Girl'_.

My Best Friend's Girl
All of the main cast (with the exception of Cook) share something in common. They are all actors that have been in some great roles in the past but of late just enjoy getting a paycheque. The never ageing Jason Biggs, the please do another Almost Famous Kate Hudson, and the I want to diss you for doing these tiny comedic roles time and time again, but I can’t because they are always brilliant, Alec Baldwin. With Dane Cook included, not one of these guys are doing this out of any artistic draw, this is plain sailing for them and they’ve all been cast to fit these characters they continuously play but again, that’s not to say that’s a bad thing either, they all do this stuff well enough for it all to pass by without any bad feeling.

I'm pretty sure My Best Friends Girl is a comedy I’m gonna forget the details of in a year’s time. It will be one of those movies that I’ll remember the premise and who was in it and probably have a vague recollection of the odd joke, oh and that Diora Baird was in it, but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the majority of it on this viewing.

My Best Friend's Girl


Using a slightly darker palette than the average modern comedy, My Best Friends Girl can suffer from looking a little grubby in places. The combination of high contrast, a constant presence of film grain and bold warm colours can give the image a soft dirty looking feel without it ever reaching levels that could be considered bad.

Detail is quite impressive in places for a standard definition release, especially with skin textures, which are all pretty well captured but that isn't enough to say that this is a transfer that offers anything special.  


The audio here is actually not too bad at all. The music is bassy, the dialogue strong and clear. There's not a great deal going on in the rears outside of the music and the odd atmospheric but generally this is pleasing mix and slightly above average for the genre.

My Best Friend's Girl


The first commentary, which features Jason Biggs, writer Jordan Cahan and producer Gregg Lassans, is quite a lot of fun to listen to. The three obviously get on quite well and you really get quite a few giggles as it goes on.

The second commentary with director Howard Deuth isn't quite as much fun. It’s quite technical, focuses on the script quite a bit. and there's a good few moments of dead air between his musings.

'Making it in Beantown: Where it all Began' (09:01) focuses on filming in Dane Cook's hometown of Boston and the popularity he has there. Seriously, the way they talk about it, is like he's a God there.

'The Cast's Guide to Dating' (08:15) is exactly that and is actually quite an amusing watch. Joining that is 'The Prom: A Teen Rite of Passage' (04:33) which is more of the same with a few great personal photos of the cast whilst at their proms.

My Best Friend's Girl
'A to Z: Proffessor Turner's Sexist Rating System' (07:29) is a look at Alec Baldwin's character's rating system for the hotness of girls. It's an okay feature but gets old pretty fast.

Lastly there's fifteen deleted/extended scenes of varying lengths and 'Dustin's Eyebrows' (01:35) which shows the shaving scene from the film followed by the makeup effect they used to achieve it.

Other than trailers for The Spirit, Forbidden Kingdom, Righteous Kill and W., that's your lot.

My Best Friend's Girl


My Best Friends Girl promises upfront to be a crude romantic comedy and it doesn't disappoint (well maybe on the lack of Diora Baird screen time, but that's a personal thing). It's good to see the ever cute Kate Hudson going for a slightly filthier turn, even if she feels a little out of sorts doing it, and even if Dane Cook isn't the funniest guy in the world, he still provides some solid chuckles and carries another movie with his casual swagger.

It's not the best looking disc and the features are all pretty weak, but the movie itself makes for a slightly dirtier alternative romantic comedy that's got its fair share of laughs, and as one to watch with friends, it’s a good choice for a rental.