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This movie stars Marlon Brando and Stephanie Beecham, set in the old English countryside. Peter Quint (Brando) is the hired help at a manor house, tending to the gardens and whatever else needs attention where as Beecham (yes, of Dynasty fame!) is a tutor (named Miss Jessel) to two parentless children. The house is run by Dame Thora Hird who feeds the children and keeps the house in ship shape condition. The story (if you can call it that) revolves around the children learning how to spell and converse with each other from Miss Jessel, and facts of life from Quint (with his appalling Irish accent). Jessel and Quint have many steamy, violent love scenes which the children watch and attempt to copy (which is very wrong!) in this boring movie. Quint and Jessel try to keep their meetings a secret so they only see each other at night – hence the films title. It truly is a dull film. The trailer has several quotes portraying the movie as a triumphant success, and it’s possible it was thirty years ago, but today this movie bored the hell out of me. Mind you, I can’t think of one Michael Winner movie that I liked (including Death Wish).

There is no way they could get away with this today - animal rights protestors would be up in arms
The print is 1.85:1 and anamorphic (as expected of all DVDs these days). The video itself has obviously been touched up a little (a quick comparison with the trailer verifies this) but it is still of low quality. The colours are muted at times and night scenes are very dark to the point when colours blend together. It is an old movie so don’t expect too much – I’d imagine the movie itself is older than most of you reading this!

Apparently that food is for three people - they must be hungry!
The soundtrack was originally a mono mix, and that’s what you get here – albeit a Dolby Digital one. Nothing to write home about really, but it is a dialogue heavy movie. The audio is clear and easily understandable (except Brando’s accent!) so no real problems here.

The disc features both English and German language tracks as well as menus in each language, which is always a nice touch. The real extras are a trailer and a teaser trailer. The trailer, which runs for one minute, fifty five seconds, has not been touched up like the actual film itself, so you can easily see what the original film quality was like. As I said before, several quotes are overlaid stating such things as “Gripping, spine-tingling and terrific!” All I can assume is that not too many good movies came out in 1972. The teaser, which runs for twenty nine seconds, is exactly that – a tiny glimpse of the film aimed at whetting the audiences’ appetite. Interestingly enough, although there are several subtitle selections available, there is no English choice.

After The Godfather, Brando decided to try out for Robin Hood
It’s no secret that I didn’t like this film. It is a prequel to another movie which I have not seen (Turn of the Screw) and quite frankly that is how that movie is remaining – unseen. It was a dull lifeless film which had little point and certainly not the horror I was expecting (bar an exploding frog, and a couple of well placed arrows). If you are a fan of Brando then try it out, but the ninety two minutes it takes from your life are non-refundable from, so don’t ask (I have rated the movie as a 3, and the only reason it is that high is because