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Long before zombies took up jogging in 28 Days Later and Zack Snyder s Dawn of the Dead remake, they were brandishing axes and other sharp implements in Umberto Lenzi s utterly insane radiation-sickness opus Nightmare City.

In true Zombie Flesh Eaters form, our story begins with the arrival of an ominous, seemingly unmanned craft in this instance, a military plane making an unscheduled landing at a European airport. Upon forcing the aircraft doors open, the waiting soldiers get a nasty shock when out bursts a horde of flesh-hungry, pizza-faced radioactive ghouls. The walking dead are here, and they re hungry!

Counting amongst its fans the likes of Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth, Nightmare City (aka City of the Walking Dead) is a bonkers slice of Italian zombie carnage from the man who shocked the world with the notorious Cannibal Ferox.

 Nightmare City


The 2K scan arrives in two versions (more fully explained in the extras). Opting to go with the sharper but damaged original negative version the image, as warned, is blotchy with colours popping between warm and glowing and dull lifeless. This unavoidable damage is indeed distracting and the pulsing presentation hides beneath it a sharp, natural looking image that sadly takes a while to shine.

In the less or non damaged scenes the image really does look good. Sharp and detailed with strong sharp edges and a good sense of depth. There's the occasional scratch or bit of dirt but beyond the wavering pulsating colours the image presents a nice clean up that gives the film a good HD glow that is otherwise clean and full of obvious improvements.

 Nightmare City


The dialogue is of course like a separate layer laid I've rthe top due to the dubbing but it's nice and crisp, with no sense of the same Deterioration the video struggles with. Sound effects are strong, the score equally so and despite no huge show off moments beyond the score getting a little lively with its electronic screeches from time to time the audio tracks here are both sturdy and well cleaned up.

 Nightmare City


With two version of the film the 'Arrow Negative Transfer (Chemical Deterioration)' and the 'Dupe Reversal transfer (less damage but a loss of resolution)' you have two ways to watch the film, both with limitations.

'The Limits of Restoration' (04:34 HD) explains the limitations of the restoration here, going into lengthy detail about how the film was shot and challenges to restoring it. The yellow blotches within the film are explained and more so how irreparable this is and how the dupe version manages to fix it to a degree it but softens the image.

The commentary by Chris Alazander is a nice and personal view of the film and Alazander's general love of the genre. He's laid back, detailed and he makes for a casual but enjoyable listen along. Basically like a listen along with a fan.

Next up is the 'Umberto Lenzi Interview' (28:41 HD) and one of the film's stars 'Maria Rosario Omaggio Interview' (07:41 HD)

The 'Eli Roth on Monster City' (10:33 HD) is pure excitement and celebration and his enthusiasm makes for a great view of the film and indeed other films from Lenzi.

Last up is the 'Trailer' and an 'Alternative Opening Titles'.

 Nightmare City


Nightmare City is silly but a lot of fun because it's kind of madness. There's some great ideas and some solid low budget but different zombie action (they are basically infected terrorists) and it's presented as well as it can be by Arrow due to the print's damage.  Fan's will know more of the film's irreparable damage and appreciate the work Arrow have done more than newcomers but as always Arrow back up their release with a good chunk of extras and a solid commentary track.
 Nightmare City
 Nightmare City