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Meet Jack Foley, the most successful bank robber in the country. On the day he busts out of jail, he finds himself stealing something far more precious than money. Karen Sisco's heart. She's smart. She's sexy, and unfortunately for Jack, she's a Federal Marshal. Now, they're willing to risk it all to find out if there is more between them than just the law. OUT OF SIGHT, starring GEORGE CLOONEY as the smooth criminal who bends the law and is determined to make one last heist, and JENNIFER LOPEZ who chooses all the right moves... and all the wrong guys. From The director of OCEAN S ELEVEN and TRAFFIC. From The Producers of GET SHORTY and PULP FICTION BONUS MATERIAL [Official synopsis]

 Out of Sight


This HD presentation treads a bit of a line. This being a Soderbergh flick, it comes with a certain amount of grain and boosted colours that blasts out alot of detail at times, it's also a film getting on a bit now, released in 1998 the film is beginning to feel older, with a younger Clooney and a few dated styles here and there. With all that said, this is still a pretty great presentation with plenty to enjoy in HD.

Warm wonderfully lit scenes sell every sharp edge. Every texture in costumes are apparant and the glow of natural light and electric light alike still look makes the shinier scenes look fantastic. Soderbergh's style just shines in HD when it's on point, the man knows how to make one hell of a pretty movie afterall but some interior scenes are a little too boosted with colours and can look a little soft, especially faces if the lighting isn't direct. It can generate a sort of waxy look to the film but from memory that's sort of in built to the film's style and has similar results on VHS and DVD alike.

Night time scenes manage to shine with strong black levels and some great uses of colour. The red in that car boot scene shining off of the tail lights gives every edge of Clooney and Lopez's faces and bodies glow without losing any sort of texture or detail. The image screams "CLASS" in scenes like this.

The lesser lit scenes or overcast skies in scenes can reduce the effect to that of a high end dvd or a lesser Blu-ray at times. Also there's a few reds and blues that run a little too hot for their own good but even with these issues this is certainly the best I've seen the film look on home release even though there's certainly room for a full remaster overhaul here.

 Out of Sight


This fairly modern feature has a distinctly modern audio presentation. Good sound effect placement, strong central dialogue and some subtle but effective ambient sounds fill this track out well.

The music in the film sits very well and adds another tick to the list of things this track does well. Strong, powerful beats and a real feeling the songs and music fill the room rather than trickle along in the rears.

Out of Sight is a cool sounding film and it's presented very well here. There's plenty going on and it's full of life whether it's a bass line or a clicking cricket, a gun shot or a screeching car.

 Out of Sight


The commentary track with Steven Soderbergh and screenwriter Scott Frank is full and constant with the pair discussing the shoot and the story choices. Soderbergh leads the way and talks of every editting decision and trim to bring the film together in the final form. This remains interesting throughout given how much the director's style has evolved and this was relatively early in that evolution.

There's also a batch of DVD ports, the Deleted Scenes (22:14 SD) and the Making of 'Inside Out of Sight' (25:02 SD).

 Out of Sight


Back in 1998 (how is this film nearly 20 years old??!) I thought Out of Sight was insanly good. Clooney was infinitly cool, Lopez was hotter than the devil's oven and Soderbergh was an exciting new talent on the scene who would own the word "cool" for a good few years after this film.

Over the years my admiration for the film has reduced. It's still alot of fun but around about the midway point I drift off a little bit and rather than enjoying everything going on as I once did, it's now more about the character moments for me and there are many. The Clooney bits where he makes being uncool, cool (a skill he's perfected in the years since) and the Lopez stick beatdown is still great but she is generally at her career best in this film before becoming better known rom com female lead fodder and of course 'J-Lo'. These two leads pop off of one another so well in this flick and the interactions between them both and indeed the great supporting cast around them make this film what it is, even if the plot is less enjoyable the more I've rewatched the film over the years.

Disc wise, the video presenation is fantastic but is just a bit too shy of being a full HD show off disc. The audio also fares much the same. As for the extras, the commentary track is great but everything else is fluff really.

* Note: The images on this page are taken from the Blu-ray and resized for the page. Full-resolution captures are available by clicking individual images, but due to .jpg compression they are not necessarily representative of the true quality of the source.
 Out of Sight
 Out of Sight