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Steve Coogan is back, with another classic character in this hilarious comedy that will leave you crying with laughter! Manchester's leading detective frames hopeless parole officer Simon Garden (Steve Coogan) for a murder he didn't commit. The only proof of his innocence is a security video - but the video is locked inside a bank vault! Enrolling the help of four equally inept ex-criminals, as well as the gorgeous Sarah (Jenny Agutter) and stunning policewoman (Lena Headey), Simon decides that the only way to clear his name is to break into the vault and steal the footage back! That s no easy task for master criminals, but for a bunch of hilarious losers, it s a mission impossible! [Official Synopsis]


The presentation here is full of solid detail, from textures to sharp edges and holds general bright and fresh good looks. Really the only thing holding this back is the rather drab look to the British made film. Think British TV drama with a few flashier Hollywood inspired shots. There's a lot of overcast skies, a lot of grey buildings and nothing really to make this everyday setting seem anything more than it is.

Anyway the lighting brings the image to life a whole lot, highlighting the details in skin and clothing throughout and rising the film into the HD realm with some great results. While generally good throughout this is a mixture of flat, DVD like visuals with a bit of colour boost at its low points and much better, brighter HD goodness for its highs. The image is clean enough, in all situations actually, light or darkness but the film is not really one that's all that visually impressive. That said, the HD upgrade certainly makes the best of what it has to offer.


The generic and simple action spoof score is strong enough in the stereo track and the dialogue consistently clear. Sound effects sound equally represented and with everything combined this is a balanced track that does everything the film requires it to do without any elements that really have the opportunity to show off.


There's some pretty bog standard additions here, a pretty lazily cobbled together 'Featurette' (22:04 HD), 6 Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary, the film's trailer and the Atomic Kitten video (03:19) for the cover of Eternal Flame.

The only bit of punch the Extras deliver is the 'Feature Commentary' with  Steve Coogan and Director. Coogan is effortlessly funny and makes this track an interesting one as it discusses the behind the scenes of the film.


The Parole Officer was a pretty good showcase for Steve Coogan's brand of comedy back when it was released and it's still pretty solid now. There's a good cast at play here and some genuine laughs from the silly situation and while its by no means a comedy classic or anything there's plenty to enjoy. The disc is pretty good video and audio wise, though it's certainly not doing anything to impress and the aged Extras also round up the disc to be a consideration for those wanting that Coogan film that no one really remembers.

* Note: The images on this page are taken from the Blu-ray and resized for the page. Full-resolution captures are available by clicking individual images, but due to .jpg compression they are not necessarily representative of the true quality of the source.

 Parole Officer, The
 Parole Officer, The
 Parole Officer, The
 Parole Officer, The
 Parole Officer, The
 Parole Officer, The