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Princess Jellyfish is the 2010 Japanese animated show about a group of outsiders (or freaks as they are sometimes refereed to) that live outside of the world of the cool and fashionable in an apartment block. They refer to themselves as the sisterhood and have strict rules about no boys allowed but when Tsukimi Kurashita unintentionally brings home new feamle friend Kuranosuke Koibuchi and discovers that she is actually a he that cross dresses for fun, the world of the sisterhood may about to be shaken at the core.

Princess Jellyfish
Princess Jellyfish is a lot of fun, though it has to be said, not as fun as it's opening sequence which has the cast of characters taking on roles from movies, such as Star Wars, Sex and the City and Singin' in the Rain, hinting the show could very well be akin to the likes of The Muppet Babies cartoon. It's not like that at all really but instead it's a sit-com about girls, dreams, mothers and jellyfish.

It's an extremely cute show and one that enjoys being playful. Fear of the pretty people in the world, learning that the perfect image of a woman isn't necessarily that of a beautiful princess and of course a bit of romance for the unsuspecting outsiders. Princess Jellyfish is a dead easy watch and a show I would imagine a plenty of female anime fans must dig quite a bit.

Princess Jellyfish


This DVD presentation here is okay but it hasn't got all that much kick to it visuals wise. Some scenes can appear a little soft, sometimes even hazy but generally speaking Princess Jellyfish looks like what you'd expect from a standard definition release of a Japanese animated TV show (unless of course it's Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex you're watching, and then you should expect a little more from it). Colours are generally quite muted to fit the soft style of the show and it's really only the cartoony cut-aways to the fun little Jellyfish in Tsukimi Kurashita's head that makes this a little brighter and upbeat than the rest of the show looks.

Princess Jellyfish


All we get here is a stereo track, so once again this release isn't out to show off. It's a serviceable track with clear dialogue and really it's only weapon is volume changes. Louder characters jump the volume up a fair bit in places (often annoyingly) and quieter character will have you reaching for the remote to catch what they are saying sometimes. It's simple, doesn't have a lot of range but provides all this timid little animated comedy requires.

Princess Jellyfish


The only extras are on disc three and they come in the form of 'Princess Jellyfish Heros' which are four 5-6 minute shorts giving you an insight into the character's favourite things. and 'Jellyfish Safari', six even shorter shorts to have more fun with the characters in.

Princess Jellyfish


All eleven episodes of Princess Jellyfish are charming in their way and rather than serve up the usual loud smashy fighty boys stuff that anime loves to dish out, it gives a softer, funnier, lighter treat for the girls out there. It doesn't always work and some of these misfit characters grind at times but it's still a pretty looking show with some real warmth and this three disc collection is well worth your time and while the collectors edition seems quite expensive for a mere eleven episodes it seems you get some sort of Jellyfish with it (which I DIDN'T get with my review discs - BOO!)