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Peter Hyams directs The Relic. A 90s monster movie that has a giant beast running wild in a Chicago museum on the very day the institution is holding a glitzy reception. As is usually the case in these situations, the museum bosses want to go ahead with their party even as the creature is decapitating victims. Penelope Ann Miller and Tom Sizemore star and fight to survive against this rampaging beast as its brings some excitement to a stuffy museum.


The film is initially quite dark and the standard definition of this 90s creeper is sorely missing a strong light source, meaning the flickering flames of the opening credits look dark, gritty and entirely bland. Cutting to Chicago, it may be mid-morning bright sunshine but the skies are grey and full of dirt on the print and the image still runs extremely dark with only the odd element of bright colour registering in the largely drab looking setting.

The image is soft but not overtly so for DVD and weirdly the internal scenes, as we move on hold up better than the external ones, due to some atmospheric lighting and stronger blacks. Of course that doesn't hold back the hazy 90s looks of the film which at all times reminds us exactly what decade this glossy jumper was made in.

This is rather typically a 90s film on DVD. There's a bit too much grubbiness to the image and a whole lot of noticeable grain, the darkness kills a lot of detail but the classier colourful lighting can lift the image out of the murk from time to time making it a not entirely drab affair.


With a score bordering on being a carbon copy of the Alan Silvestri ‘s Predator score the audio track here has a strong ominous drive that sits proudly in the rear speakers. Dialogue is clear and centrally placed and the ambient sounds of vehicles passing or chains rattling or whatever else is going on fills everything out.

The creepy, X-filesesq wobbly string pieces that throw up for the more gruesome scenes to add the creeps sit very well in the rears and fill the room when they intend to really creep you out and despite being nearly 20 years old, this track still ends up being a solid all round balanced surround sound experience with a nice bit of power.


No two hour documentary with all of the cast and crew celebrating this not so classic creeper? Nah, clearly no one remembers it. All we get is the trailer.


The Relic is silly monster mayhem in a prime location to run around in and that’s really it it has going for it. Sure it borrows from plenty of other (better) films but there’s just not enough life in this monster flick for it to be remembered amongst other 90s monster movies like From Dusk Till Dawn or Species or to a lesser extent The Mimic, which I was always getting this muddled up within the late 90s.

The disc looks grubby and dark, the audio is solid but there’s just a trailer on the extras, so not the best return to the film for those that care to.

Relic, The
Relic, The
Relic, The
Relic, The
Relic, The
Relic, The