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[From Official Synopsis] Bands make it rock, but roadies make it roll!

Meat Loaf (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Fight Club) stars in this rollicking road film, that features live performances by Alice Cooper, Blondie, Roy Orbison, Hank Williams, Jr., Asleep At The Wheel and Kaki Williams.

Travis Redfish (Meatloaf), falls hard for Lola, a glitter-spangled groupie determined to lose her virginity to Alice Cooper. Hoping to win her affections Travis signs on with a touring rock band and soon finds himself the 'greatest roadie of all time'!But Lola's date with destiny (and Cooper) looms. Can true love survive rock 'n' roll?

Roadie will not be a film for everyone. It's odd to say the least. I myself had no clue what to expect when I put the disc in. I sort of got a vibe from that cover art, as it indicates a certain type of comedy but well known musician + comedy + the 80s doesn't always equal greatness and can go either way in terms of quality.

The film is indeed a little rough and tumble and very much all over the place besides sticking to the through line that Travis is now a roadie and a bit in love with a girl he met on the road but it didn't take me long to warm to it. It certainly doesn't have the same charm but Roadie totally reminded me of similar syled flicks of the era such as Smokie and the Bandit, where everyone is basically out to have fun and somehow studios seemed quite happy for those involved to do whatever they wanted, no matter how crazy or weird with their sense of humour.

From Meat Loaf's entrance in to the film (slowly being lowered into the living room, presented like a Greek goad or superhero almost) there's an extra level of madcap to this flick. Whether it be a bar fight that ends in our leads running at another grown man like a bull, Roy Orbison hanging out in a bar, a wild police car chase (it's the 80s - that's a requirement in any comedy) or Alice Cooper or Blondie just hanging out, there's a Rock n Roll cool to this flick that somehow transcends just how odd and disjointed it all feels. Just watch those backgrounds, there's usually someone or a group of people doing something unexplainable to make the world of Roadie that bit more nuts.

Say what you wants about Meatloaf's music, or indeed his acting career, the guy has a genuine presence and here he totally carries the film with his wide eyed, just wants to have attitude. He's genuinely amusing with his dialogue delivery and his laid back country just roll with it attitude keeps this film moving even when it has no right to be entertaining. And the bands and the songs they are performing in here just make it all the sweeter.



Getting through the dirtier than dirty opening credits the presentation here improves, quite drastically in fact. Grain disappears almost entirely and this bright, detailed image looks pretty great all things considered.

Colours are strong and realistic, edges are relatively sharp and the film feels comfortably improved in HD. Close ups can look fantastic as do most interior scenes, no matter the lighting. Exterior shots are a little grainer as expected and everything gets a little more hazy generally but lighting manages to lift elements from feeling flat some of the time and this largely forgotten comedy looks way better than it should.



The small stereo track still manages to stay very well balanced, with the dialogue and Rock n Roll score sitting very well beside one another. The rockier numbers give the track a solid workout, even if they are a little hollow at times, depending on the recording of the song.

There's a nice open road ambience to the road movie that sounds natural but always clear and the drive of the score, the pretty funny dialogue and don't sit down for long plot keeps the track lively and often times chaotic in lively ways.



No extras. Not even a music video or performance. Boo. There is a trailer though.



I pretty quickly warmed to Roadie, it's manic in a Blues Brothers, 1941 and much in it's off beat comedy era sort of a way but despite it's ability to grin induce it's easy to see why it's disappeared off the radar more than other films like it. It's sort of a film that doesn't get made any more and when they do, they rarely features artists as cool as the ones in here (unless it's Wayne's World and even they share many of the same acts). Anyway, good looking and sounding discs, no extras but a laid back, kinda nuts way to spend some time with some good music and a fair few oddball laughs. I liked Roadie, I reckon I could throw this one for chuckles and enjoy it even more than I did this first time.