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Say it Isn't So is the latest no holds barred comedy produced by the Farelly Brothers (There's Something about Mary). Notice that I said Produced and not directed. This is a clever marketing ploy by the studio to get people to see the movie. The film is actually directed by newcomer J.B Rogers. After the success of There's Something about Mary, the Farelly brothers were a well known act but the failure of follow up movie Me, Myself and Irene brought them back down to earth. Say It Isn't So gives them another chance to see whether the gross out movie can still be popular.

I think it is time you went bald!
The storyline for Say it isn’t So is pretty simple but works to a certain extent. Gilly Noble (Chris Klein) is a kind animal lover who works at the local animal shelter. He is a lonely person and his love life is poor to say the least. That is until he meets Jo Wingfield (Heather Graham) a new hairdresser in his local town. An unfortunate (and painful!) incident brings the pair together and they build a strong relationship. Then the pair realise that they are actually brother and sister and that is where the film goes out of control. As the film develops Gilly realises that he is not Jo's brother and decides to go after her and stop her marrying another guy. Gilly gets himself into some sticky situations in his attempt to get back Joe.

There are lots of gross scenes and some rather over the top which spoil the film. I won't deny that there are some very funny moments but like There's Something about Mary, you are not really sure whether you should be laughing. A lot of the jokes seem to stem from Jo's father who has had a stroke. He cannot talk properly so has to speak through a special voice machine. He sounds like a robot and is treated badly by his family. At first the scenes involving him are very funny but after a while it get a little too much. They are very funny but cruel as well so I can see why some people would take offence. Whether you like this film or not will depend a lot on what kind of mood you are in whilst watching it.

The storyline as mentioned is pretty simple and unbelievable really. The acting in this film cannot be criticised too much because the script doesn’t really concentrate on character development. Heather Graham does a reasonable job but her character is too similar to the one Cameron Diaz plays in There’s Something about Mary. Chris Klein (American Pie) is an up and coming actor but he has got the screen presence at the moment to keep the audience’s attention. There were several scenes in the movie which could have worked better if he had a higher profile. Also worth mentioning is Sally Fields who plays Joe’s cruel and loud mother. Credit must be given to Field for taking this role as it is like nothing she has done before. I don’t really associate Sally Fields with comedy films so it was a shock to see her doing well in her role.

Why won't mummy let us go out and play?
Overall I wasn’t really expecting much from this movie but ended up being pleasantly surprised. It is certainly not the funniest comedy you will ever see. It does however have laugh out loud moments, which are worth watching. I keep comparing this movie to There’s Something About Mary but that is because they are so similar. For example the storylines are not a thousand miles apart and both films rely on the shock factor for laughs. Both films at times boarder on being offensive but Say It Isn’t so doesn’t pull it off so effectively.  How many people would find a scene funny where a guy sticks his hand up a cow’s backside? I rest my case! I wouldn’t recommend or discourage people from watching this movie. It has some very funny moments which make up for some of the dull scenes. Certainly the first 30 minutes are the funniest. If you take one piece of advice from this review then watch this movie when you are in a silly mood. Otherwise you will find yourself hating the movie and thinking that it is way over the top and pointless.

Considering that Say It Isn’t So was a relative flop at the box office you could excuse Fox for not putting a lot of effort in the DVD release. However the image is as near perfect as you will get. It is anamorphic widescreen with an aspect ratio of 1.85:1 There are a lot of outdoor scenes in the movie and the image copes with the different colours well. The blacks are also solid and the picture is as clear as you can get. It sounds boring to say but Fox have done an excellent transfer for this movie which allows you to enjoy it as it was meant to be seen

Do you think it is time I went to the hairdressers?
Soundtracks included on the disc are a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix, 2.0 surround tracks (English and French). Subtitles are also included in English, Spanish and English Closed Captioning. Due to the nature of the movie you wouldn’t expect a very high quality soundtrack but Fox have once again surprised with this film. The film mainly has dialogue but there are some scenes where the full use of my system was given a good run out. Say it isn’t so also has lots of music, which was dealt with well. If fact so well at times it woke me up when some of the scenes were boring! Certainly far better than I expected!

The main extra, which is advertised on the disc, is the audio commentary with director J.B. Rogers and actor Chris Klein.  It is quite an amusing commentary and worth listening to. I am a little disappointed however that the Farelly Brothers did not contribute. Seeming that they are advertised all over the movie you would expect them to add a little to the commentary.
One of the main extras is the featurette, which runs at just over 4 minutes. The featurette shows lots of the scenes from the movie and it is advisable that you don’t watch this before the movie. The featurette also shows some behind the scenes footage and interviews with the stars. It is a useful addition but could have been longer. Just when the featurette was getting interesting it ended.

Also included on the disc are six deleted scenes. Each extra has the option of listening to the commentary. I was quite impressed by the deleted scenes because they are woven between the scenes that are actually in the film. The original footage is shown in black and white whilst the new footage is displayed in colour. A very imaginative method, which works well.  

The disc also contains the regular theatrical trailer and TV spots.

Say It Isn't So is actually not that bad. At best it can be funny but it can also be quite bad at times. If you ignore the over the top scenes then you might actually enjoy it. Don't expect a classic and you will be pleasantly surprised. The disc is a mixed bag really. The transfer is very impressive and is complemented by a good soundtrack. However the extras are a huge let down. It looks like most of the effort involved with the disc was spent on the appearance and sound of the movie, with little attention being paid to the extras.