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A married couple Elvira (Claire Wilbur) and Jack (Gerald Grant) play an ongoing game where they challenge one another to seduce pretty much anyone they meet and see who can get the most results. Now, focusing on young couple Betsy (Lynn Lowry) and Eddie (Calvin Culver), it's time to see who can score the next point in the game.

Score is told in an almost fairytale manner and has a fun and playful approach to sex. The seduction scenes are full of tongue in cheek chuckles and there's a whole lot of fun to be had here. Surprisingly, the sex scenes are fairly tame and there's not all that many of them either. This one is very much a blueprint for most porn storyline set ups, there's even a workmen than turns up ready for seduction but with a good mix of sexy chuckles and silly love scenes Score this actually ends up being quite the charming romp.



Looking at the trailers and making of footage from the original VHS presentation, the Score HD presentation is close to miraculous when taken on it's own terms. Of course levelling it up against the best of Blu-ray, Score isn't going to impress many people outside of it's own fanbase.

The image is gritty and grainy, the colours often a little too warm and the soft focus hazy scenes looking like they are behind a gauze most of the time. That said, the sharpness of the image is quite impressive in places and detail holds up quite well as well. The restoration is obviously a good one, given the source but when that source is full of dirt, scratches and sometimes even pieces of hair, this lo-fi cult sex flick from 1974 only can do so much on the road to great HD presentations.



The LPCM 2.0 track has clear enough dialogue but it's the fun, fresh score that makes the most out of the track. Beyond that, there's not a whole lot going on to fill the track out, bass levels are weak, ambience is only ever slight and due to the small scale couples seducing couples set up, there's not much call for much else.



The commentary with director Radley Metzger and Michael Bowen is another technical heavy track with plenty of silent gaps. It still adds a whole lot of back story to the film's production but the casual nature of it might be a tough slog for some.

'Making of the Score' (18:27 HD) covers the director and the history of the project. It's essentially just a reel of on set footage with a  bland but detailed narration.

'Keeping Score With Lynn Lowry' (19:35 SD) is an interview with the actress and offers up some more insider knowledge.

Lastly there's trailers for Camille 2000, The Lickerish Quartet and Score. Oh and of course a DVD copy.



Score is a soft core, non graphic, non offensive fun look at sex, group sex and seduction. The best way to describe it is 'cute' in that most of the steps taken by the characters are enough to put a grin on your face despite the adult content. The disc looks and sounds okay for the age of the film and the extras offer up quite a bit of detail as well. This is another great cult classic release for the sort of film we don't really get to see any more.