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Ok, first of all, don’t worry. I’m not going to be cracking any jokes relating to this movie title, DVDBlokes is a mature site, suitable for the entire family and therefore any such jokes would be completely out of line…ahem. Snatch, as many of you will know, is Guy Richie’s second venture into the world of Gangster films, the original hit being ‘Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels’  a film that I personally enjoyed immensely.  Although, not exactly an International hit, ‘Lock Stock’ picked up plenty of Hollywood fans along the way including, as you will no doubt know…Brad Pitt. Anyway, as soon as it was out, I sent my ageing dad off out into the dark, gloomy streets in search of a cheap Snatch…....(oops)

Snatch isn’t the easiest of film storylines to describe, so please bare with me! In the heart of the London gangland, lies 2 novice unlicensed boxing promoters.  On the one side, you have Turkish (Jason Statham), who despite being a bit of a ‘geezer’ plays things mostly by the rules. On the other side, you have Brick Top (Alan Ford) who doesn’t like playing things by the rules, infact, you could say that he tries his hardest to break them in as many ways as possible, providing its profitable. Despite Brick Tops reputation, Turkish and colleague Tommy (Stephen Graham) get roped into organising a bare-knuckle boxing match with one of Bricktops fighters. As you would expect, things don’t exactly go to plan, as Turkish’s fighter is badly hurt a few days before the fight by a a barely comprehensible gypsy played by Brad Pitt. To avoid getting into some deep trouble with Brick Top, as a last minute effort Turkish decides to use the gypsy for the fight, and from that moment on, the duo start finding themselves in increasing amounts of trouble.

Meanwhile, despite all the other events, a stolen 86 carat diamond has gone missing somewhere in London. Franky Four Fingers (played by Benicio Del Toro) was last seen with the diamond, however local legend Bullet Tooth Tony is hired to track down Franky, and its not long before the paths of the boxing promoters, and the diamond thiefs become dangerously close…

It has to be said, I was expecting quite a lot from this sequel. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to seeing Snatch at the cinema, though because of the great reviews, and general hear say regarding this release I was definitely going to pick it up on DVD. Initial impressions were disappointing. Guy Richie has certainly thrown in all the elements that made ‘Lock Stock’ the success that it was, however ‘Snatch’ needed so much more. What makes things worse, is the over complicated storyline. You may have noticed that I had a few difficulties describing the storyline above, well that’s because I thought the general storyline was a complete shambles. I often found myself playing catch up, as my mind was still trying to work out the scene before and the connection with the current events. The pace of the film is so fast, that your often left with absolutely no clue as to what is meant to be going on. The ending is also far from clever, despite not following a large percentage of the film I expected the end to gel the entire piece together perfectly. I was mistaken. Originally Snatch was intended to be a darker gangster movie, however as filming progressed it became apparent to Richie that this was turning into another light hearted stab at the gangster world. This is not necessarily a bad thing, many of the jokes are generally funny and on a number of occasions I found myself laughing out loud.

Technically however, Snatch doesn’t dissappoint, Guy Richies unique style of filmmaking comes across better than ever, and this is particularly apparent within the first 10minutes of the film. The camera glides across the screen from every conceivable angle which really compliments the general pace of the film. The acting is also top notch, the entire cast gives a solid performance, most notably Jason Statham as Turkish, who brings with him a relaxed, yet always convincing style. Also surprisingly impressive is Brad Pitt, I cannot admit to being a fan of his, however his performance as the Irish gypsy must certainly standout as one of his best.

The picture quality on this Columbia Tristar movie, is nothing short of spectacular. For a ‘reasonably’ low budget film the picture at all times seems crisp and sharp, and I noticed no obvious dust, scratches or other damage to the print. The colours throughout the film are reasonably dark, though that is certainly how it is attended to appear, so I have no major gripes on picture quality. Well done Columbia Tristar.

Sound wise we are given a Dolby Digital 5.1 track, which is more than adequate for this films needs. Surround sound isn’t used much at all throughout the film, and when it is the Dolby Digital track handles it perfectly fine. Gun shots sound particularly impressive (there are a lot of them!) so its well worth cranking up the volume for!

This is a 2 disk set, so as you can imagine, there is plenty of content to choose from. Luckily enough, the content on this DVD is also of a pretty high standard, and there is plenty to keep you going for a couple of days. Firstly, we have the Director/Producer commentary by Guy Richie and Matthew Vaughn. This is quite a light hearted, and entertaining commentary which fills you in with plenty of behind the scenes details, and Guy also airs his dislike to a couple of films! I found it particularly amusing that Jason Flemyng, star of the original Lock Stock, and Gypsy in Snatch, wasn’t actually originally in the film at all. He merely went down to the film set to take a couple of photos of some of his friends, and in the end wormed his way into the film, much to the annoyance of Richie!

The deleted scenes part of the disc isn’t really anything special. The scenes that we are given are pretty boring, and none of them would have added to the film in any great way. These scenes are also played in a continuous stream one after another, which is annoying if you want to jump quickly to a particular scene.

Also available are a few interesting behind the scenes documentarys which are reasonably interesting viewing, mostly focusing on Guy Richie as the director. Its quite amusing watching Guy imposing his ‘on set fines’ on his film crew, any talking during shooting, mobile phone going off, results in an instant on the spot fine! You can find out more about this via the easter egg on the disc, which you can find in the Easter Eggs section of this site. Finally, you get plenty of standard material such as Trailers and TV Spots, interviews with most of the cast as well as Production Notes and Filmographies. All in all, this is a very respectable amount of features.

This film is certainly worth watching, despite my reservations regarding the storyline. The characters, great one liners and cinematography are what holds this film together, and providing your expectations aren’t too high, you will probably really enjoy it for what it is. Another light hearted gangster movie. Overall the DVD is certainly worth a purchase, the large number of interesting extras will keep you entertained for quite a while, not to mention all the bonus ‘easter eggs’ you can find.