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Picking up with a recap of Subspecies II, reminding us what had happened at the end of the previous instalment, this next chapter hits the ground running and heads straights into the action. Radu's mother brings her son back from the dead with Michelle's (Denice Duff) blood and the enchanted dagger that killed him. Michelle, now embracing her inner vampire, promises to obey Radu if he teaches her everything that he knows.


The presentation here strikes a fine balance between looking dated, with that obvious early 90s appearance and noticeably refreshed and much cleaner than you would expect of the low budget production. The black levels, due to the high contrast are extremely dark and grants a lot of detail to the many practical and actually very good effects on show. Lighting is also solid throughout with pouring blood looking extremely wet with light catching it at all time. The moody lighting at times also adds a depth bit of death to smokier scenes and many of the Gothic style sets look pretty fantastic, despite some hazier elements.

Skin tones run quite bronzed (well other than that Vampires of course) and colours hover towards slightly darker than they probably are outside of the production enhancements. Wider shots are much, much hazier than the detail enriched close ups that show every skin blemish or craggy elements of makeup and special effects work and all of this holds up really quite well in both interior and exterior scenes.

There’s a certain grubbiness to the look of the film here in general but it somehow still manages to look pretty great in the HD overhaul. The 1080p presentation somehow manages to enhance everything that would otherwise look cheap and rather than suffering from a 90s low budget curse the overall results actually manage to give Subspecies 3 an almost glossy mid-budget look that far out reaches some the performances within the sequel.


The second scequel sounds much alike the frist. It’s a strong 5.1 that softens feels a bit hollow or tinny in places and the synth score never really escapes the clutches of the front speakers to any dynamic effect, even when the rear speakers are used. Dialogue is always clear and balanced, the sound effects use the front and rear speakers much more effectively than the score does and the overall effect ends up as an acceptable 5.1 experience, in that all channels are used but none of it is really to any kind of noticeable effect that makes use of  the surround possibilities of the mix.


The commentary, once again with Ted Nicolaou, Denice Duff, Anders Hove is light and fun and the three have plenty to bring to the track regarding the productions history and their favourite moments of the film as well as the series as a whole.

Then its more recycling with ‘Cast and Crew Interviews’ (08:38 HD) & ‘Killer Montage’(01:45 HD) which lived on the last discs too. Cheeky.

‘Videozone’ (24:34 SD) is another original making of from the Full Moon archive presented by Charles Band. Focusing on Subspecies III with a side order of  heavily promoting other titles from the catalogue of course) we get a look at the set, the make up process and what the third in the Subspecies series holds for the audience.

Last up we have the film’s trailer and the Full Moon Trailer Park reel.


Looking back at my old reviews, when I watched Subspecies I & II pretty much back to back I was tired of the franchise by the close of the second film. With that said, I actually found myself quite happy to head back into the world of Radu and didn’t roll my eyes when he was brought back from the dead… again. This one is about as strong as the second film and plays a bit more conventionally with a side order of a love/lust story between vampires going on in there too.

The disc manages to look dated but all fresh and clean at the same time somehow but with minimal new extras, once again its really only the commentary that’s the appeal for fans here.

 Subspecies III: Bloodlust
 Subspecies III: Bloodlust
 Subspecies III: Bloodlust
 Subspecies III: Bloodlust
 Subspecies III: Bloodlust
 Subspecies III: Bloodlust