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Four years passed since the release of Superman III before Warner Brothers decided to take another crack at the Superman franchise. Sadly, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace fails miserably despite giving Christopher Reeve the opportunity to develop a story that will save Superman from box office disaster. Even Reeve couldn’t save Superman.

In the final installment of the Superman franchise,  Superman (Reeve) pledges to rid the world of nuclear missiles. The diabolical Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman)returns for this one with the usual purpose of destroying Superman.

Luthor’s latest plan, steal  DNA from the Man of Steel and create a superhuman called Nuclear Man, a super villain that definitely gives Superman a run for his money. Powered by the solar energy from the sun, Nuclear Man is super strong. Also introduced to audiences is Luthor’s nephew Lenny Luthor (Jon Cryer). An idiot in his own regard, Lenny couldn’t escape from a brown paper bag, let alone assist Luthor in world domination.

Simply put, this film is horrible and a waste of time! Ever wondered what killed Superman?  This film did! This is by far the worst admission in the franchise. One should wonder what the cast members and Warner Brothers were thinking when they green lit this project.  In my opinion, the studio was simply looking to cash-in on the popularity of one of the America’s greatest comic book super heroes .

Of course, Reeve returns as the Man of Steel and actually looks bored playing Superman. It makes me wonder if even Reeve, who received a writing credit for this film, realized the story was terrible and completed this film out of obligation.

Still yet, there are the familiar faces  of Margot Kidder as Lois Lane, Hackman as Lex Luthor, Marc  McClure as Jimmy Olsen and Jackie Cooper as Perry White.

Sidney J. Furie directed this forgettable film.

Just like the previous films in the box set, Superman IV is in anamorphic widescreen with 2.35:1. The image is vibrant and colorful and there are very few blemishes. I actually think the transfer of this film to DVD looks better than that of Superman II or III. Pay particular attention to the  detail and the depth of this film. In that respect, the film is pretty good.

Warner Brothers has once again included an English 2.0 Dolby Surround track. However, it should be noted that this one sounds much better than those tracks on Superman II and Superman III. In addition, the track includes a much more expanded use of the surround channels then Superman II and III. However, it’s not anything to do cartwheels for.  I enjoyed listening to this track much more than those from the two previous sequels.

Also included is a French Dolby 2.0 surround track as well as English and French subtitles and English Closed Captions.

By the time I watched Superman IV, I was screaming at the top my lungs, “Come on Warner Brothers, why release a box set of Superman films and not include any extras.” A boxed set with numerous extra features is one of the qualities that make a box set special!

Warner Brothers has included the usual cast and crew listings and the original theatrical trailer.

What can I say, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace was the demise of the Superman franchise. This movie is terrible and I would have enjoyed a root canal a little more than this piece of garbage! The film series has grown tired and old and the story exemplifies that.

I remember being duped into seeing this film in the theaters, a mistake that still haunts me. I wish I could reclaim those 90 minutes of my life back! But alas, I can’t, however a few extras on the disc may have been able to make up for it.

Unfortunately, consumers purchasing the box set will be stuck with this one. However, for collectors and fans of Superman, who wouldn’t want all the films, even if  this one is truly the bad apple of the bunch. My advice, watch the first three films and pretend the fourth doesn’t exist. You’re not missing anything if you choose not to watch part four.