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A huge eathquake hits L.A. In amongst the disaster there is a rise in gang related crime. Beaches are anarchy and the gang at the forefront of it is are Nazis. Surf Nazis. When the gang kill another victim, they don't know he's the grandson of retired Eleanor 'Mama' Washington (Gail Neely) and now she wants revenge.

Surf Nazis Must Die
Movies like Surf Nazis Must Die only go to highlight the growth in cocaine in the movie business the 80s. Seriously, how did this movie get made? On paper it's sort of a good idea but on film this movie has very little going for it beyond a retired old lady who hunts down and kills off some Surf Nazis. There's not real plot here and certainly not one that should reach over thirty or so minutes.

We're told an earthquake has messed up L.A. and the beaches are anarchy but really this is never shown. All we see is a bunch of dudes in 80s pop band costumes, like Duran Duran formed a gang or something. The most they do is have a minor falling out with some other surfer gangs who are equally ill dressed and all there is to take from all this is that the 80s really were the period fashion forgot.

Surf Nazis Must Die
Sure there's a bit of sex, a bit of violence (including a great beheading with the use of a speedboat) but this entire movie is played too straight to get any real kick from it. 'Adolf' the Surf Nazi leader is borderline so bad that he's good and the climax of the film has a few moments of kooky chuckles to it but really, Surf Nazis is one of those 'Cult Classics' that must have the smallest of followings and I'd guess a percentage of those are doing it ironically.

Surf Nazis Must Die


This isn't the greatest remaster ever. Soft visuals, a total lack of sharp detail and a distinctly VHS look to everything. There's grain, a lack of colour, a hazy look to elements of the frame and with everything all combined, Surf Nazis acts as a time machine to take you back to the 80s. There's a fair bit of artefacts and dirt dotted around the frame, everything feels really quite dull and when a handful of reds get a bit stronger, there's a little bit of bleed to them. This release, is the equivalent of a quick whip 'round with a duster but on closer inspection it's a job far from impressive.

Surf Nazis Must Die


The stereo 2.0 track feels small and quite confined. There's a bassy bit of 80s score with its electro peaks hitting some finer moments and there are clear (though sometimes muffled) dialogue. This all gets the job done for the 1987 low budget actioner, thriller, drama , whatever this is but for the most part it's simply two elements in the front speakers with no real depth to it at all.

Surf Nazis Must Die


There's an Introduction by Lloyd Kaufman.(00:53) that really makes the prospect of watching the film seem like a fun one. The 'Interview With Peter George' (03:36) is a very brief chat with the director and the same goes for the 'Interview With Robert Tinnell' (01:53) the producer.

'Six Lost Surf Scenes' (00:55) starts with a few details on the scenes and then moves on to about ten minutes of extra footage with commentary.

Surf Nazis Must Die


Going in, I thought Surf Nazis would either be dark and ballsy or fun and stupid. It was neither and ended up just being a 'Cult Classic' I didn't really get and one I never had the sense I would have got it, even if I'd seen it at the time. The disc doesn't feel like it's had all that much love remaster wise and the extras are thin. This one is more for the die hard fans and even they will probably be left wanting more.