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Nelson Moss (Keanu Reeves) works at a large advertising firm, and leads a successful life in San Francisco. But while renewing his driver’s license at the Department of Motor Vehicles, he meets Sara Deever (Charlize Theron). She offers him an opportunity to live with her for a month, a challenge of sorts. Nelson reluctantly accepts and predictably, he begins to enjoy her company. Apparently, Sara has a habit of picking up work-aholic men and giving them the opportunity to enjoy life. Nelson soon sees himself falling in love with Sara shortly before the month of November is over and discovers that Sara herself is hiding a secret.

Sweet November
The acting in “Sweet November” is so-so, and the script has about as many holes as a brick of Swiss cheese. Keanu Reeves, has once again tried to work on projects that highlight his dramatic abilities, unfortunately, this isn’t one of them. I give Reeves credit for trying to breakout of the action hero genre, for example, “The Gift”; a film in which he reached new levels with acting. However, he needs to be a bit choosier when it comes to his dramatic roles. Films like this only make him laughable, not bankable.

Charlize Theron is good and I think she is talented, however, she should be smart enough to select more admirable projects. I went into this film, expecting a film comparable to the dreaded “Battleship Earth”, and I wasn’t far from my expectations, yet, I still found a sliver of entertainment value in this film.

The film, despite its poor script, and mediocre acting, will please some fans of Theron, and I will say that this film was entertaining at best. If you are interested, check it out, but I wouldn’t suggest that anyone go out of his or her way to see this movie.

Sweet November
Warner Brothers has presented “Sweet November” in 1.85:1 aspect ratio. The transfer looks nice and it is relatively free from blemishes and scratches. The colors aren’t nearly as bright and alive as other films I have seen, but they are solid. Despite the poor film, if you are a fan of a great transfer, “Sweet November” will certainly meet that expectation.

“Sweet November” has been presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital, which sounds great. Granted, this is not an action flick so I did not expect the track to be slam-bang-tastic. However, it should be noted that the surrounds sounded great. The dialogue was crisp and clear. The background elements of a scene were also enjoyable. Overall this track is relatively simple, but just as the video, it sounds great. No major flaws were noticed.

This disc was extremely disappointing in regards to any extra features. Now granted, I didn’t expect much considering the film wasn’t that great, however, I expected something more than what was delivered.

A behind-the-scenes documentary, “Sweet November: From the Heart” is hardly what I would consider to be a documentary as it is less then 10 minutes long and contains a lot of scenes from the film and some cast and crew interviews. To me, it reeked of promotional material, and it was in some respects, but it didn’t really give me anymore information about the film then what watching the film gives.

Warner has also included the theatrical trailer.

Sweet November
I am not going to praise “Sweet November” as one of the best of films of the year, because, frankly, it isn’t. Critics and audiences critically panned this film, but it does hold some entertaining value. The video and audio presentation are satisfying. I love extra features; it’s too bad there weren’t more of them on this disc.