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What we have here is the first Region 4 disc of the anime series Trigun, directed by Satoshi Nishimura. It contains 4 episodes, with a total of 26 episodes in the series.

Trigun tells the story of ‘The Humanoid Typhoon’, a gun-slinging unlikely hero who finds himself wandering aimlessly from town to town leaving a fair amount of rubble in his wake. With spiky hair, funky glasses, a trendy red trench coat, and an enormous bounty on his head, ‘Vash the Stampede’ (as he’s notoriously known) is an outlaw feared by all. However we soon find that Vash has developed a reputation that doesn’t quite fit his personality.

Trigun: Volume One

The action takes place in a wild-west setting on a presumably distant planet - dry desert plains and dusty towns abound. Along the way our main man Vash crosses paths with two female insurance agents, both of whom are on a mission to locate ‘Vash the Stampede’ and prevent him from causing further costly damage. From then on Vash and the insurance ladies are a dubious group of sorts, neither party really intending on joining forces… it just seems to work out that way. The episodes revolve around scenarios of robbery, deception, and mistaken identity; plenty of time for Vash to reveal himself as an exceedingly lucky, well-meaning goof who can at times actually be quite cool.

Unfortunately I found the world that Trigun presents rather lifeless and uninteresting. I’m intrigued by the character of Vash - I genuinely want to find out about his past and what has lead him down this path, however the show doesn’t flesh out any history or deeper narrative in the episodes that I saw. Perhaps this has been left for future episodes? I’ve seen 4 episodes, and the show doesn’t seem to have progressed far enough to keep me entertained. The series appears to be running along the same lines as Cowboy Bebop (one of my favourites), yet I’m finding myself disappointed by the simplicity and predictability of the situations Vash gets himself into. Sure there are some funny scenes and some amusing battle sequences, but the show seems to lack that little bit of added depth that I’ve come to expect from today’s anime.

Trigun: Volume One

I wasn’t particularly impressed by the 4:3 visuals of Trigun, but I’ve seen a lot worse. There’s some nice work with some of the battle sequences, with some meaty bullet-damage. I would have appreciated a bit more vibrancy, though I suppose the desert environment doesn’t really lend itself to a splurge of colour. The transfer appeared fine with no obvious abnormalities.

I wasn’t particularly impressed in this department either. The 2.0 soundtrack doesn’t seem to contribute to the action that takes place, nor is it very prevalent in the episodes. I always like a nice tune to complement the visuals, as it can definitely contribute to the overall atmosphere of the show. The English dub was quite good however, alongside an entertaining Japanese audio track.  

The lack of extras was quite disappointing. Not much here except for the standard line-up of the series trailer, character designs, and a photo gallery. There's also some trailers for upcoming anime releases (I would have appreciated a few more), with Rahxephon, Robotech, Gundam Wing, and Transformers on this first disc. The menu transition to the extras menu is quite nice though (nice bullet damage once again!)

If you want a light hearted adventure that's little more than a bit of fun, the perhaps Trigun will entertain. However there are so many shows out there at the moment with more substance, more… character… and there’s only so many hours in the day.