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So then, I’ve got to review a music disc. The disc in question is U2: Rattle and Hum and follows the Irish rockers on their "Joshua Tree" tour. I’m not the biggest fan in the world but my brother is so I’ve decided to let him do the intro and I’ll come in with the techy stuff down the bottom.

Carl’s review
This DVD is billed as "a concert movie on an unprecedented scale" and it is exactly that! Following the band, the film shows behind the scenes footage of the group both relaxing and performing during the "Joshua Tree" tour. There are a number of great songs on the disc, offering you far more than just an album. Seeing the group on stage belting the tunes out with nothing less than 100% in every department really does reach out and grab the atmosphere of the event, and bring it straight into your living room.

"Watch it Edge, that hill looks slippery"
The cameras follow the band as they tour the United States showing both live performances and footage of them practicing. There are interview clips in which the various band members give a brief description about what each song means to them.  When The Edge speaks about the song "I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For" he says "it’s a gospel song, if you look at the lyrics that’s exactly what it is".  When they visit Elvis’s home in Graceland you see Larry Mullen (drums) having a special moment where he gets to sit on Elvis’ Harley Davidson.  There is also a guest appearance from the legendary BB King for the "When Love Comes To Town" track where you see him talking with Bono about the song and BB complements him saying "the lyrics are real heavy lyrics... you’re mighty young to write such heavy lyrics".

This disc is an essential buy for all U2 fans, and works best at full volume, so that you feel the full effect and passion of the stage performances and the songs themselves. With some of U2's greatest hits on this disc, it is a bit like an album...but a whole lot better! With possibly the greatest version of "With Or Without You" included it’s not hard to see why!

"Sorry about this, the other guys won't leave the pub."
One of the most encouraging things about this DVD is that you’ll be likely to play it more than once, and each time you’ll have to warn the street that the volume is about to be turned up.  The disc contains eleven songs not featured on the "Rattle And Hum" album.

The picture quality of this disc could be looked at in two ways – it is very grainy, mostly shot in black and white and when used the colour is poor; certainly not what we’ve come to expect from the DVD format. Of course you then realise that all this is deliberate and it reflects the mood and style of the band and so is perfectly acceptable in the confines of this disc.

This is probably the most important section on a DVD of this type as fans will demand the quality they get on the albums to accompany the video footage and luckily..Rattle and Hum doesn’t disappoint. With its Dolby 5.1 soundtrack you can almost imagine that you do in fact have a front row seat at one of U2’s

"For my next trick I will attempt to eat this microphone."
The Extras consist of the obligatory trailer and not a lot else but then as this is a documentary they aren’t really as relevant as on a film disc.

As explained above I’m not a fan but do like some of U2’s music and I enjoyed the disc as a one off. I don’t think I would watch it again except perhaps to listen to some of the songs again but given that there are 25 songs on the disc there is a very good chance that I will.