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George Newman (Weird Al Yankovic) gets the opportunity to run a low rent TV station, Channel 62. Through blind luck and crazy ideas the station starts becoming popular but when a rival station get wind of it, they'll do anything to get Channel 62 shut down.

This Orion Pictures cult classic comedy from 1989 is such an odd bird. Ii the UK especially, people have either never heard of it at all or have a passing memory of one of the many spoofs the film holds. I myself, while in my early teens happened upon the the flick on TV, and like I did with many things back then recorded it onto VHS. After watching it late one night (mainly because I was a fan of Weird Al via his Michael Jackson spoofs at the time or his song on the Transformers The Movie soundtrack)  I was sort of in awe of it and got a friend involved for a rewatch the next day. Like all great oddball comedies, if it clicks while watching it with a friend, references to it run for months afterwards and they sure did.

Conan The Liberian was a particular favourite of my friend but the "Call me Mr. Butter Fingers" with Emo Philips part was a winner and we both loved Raul's Wild Kingdom with the flying poodles and of course the "We don't need no stinkin' badgers!, which to this day is the first thing my mind goes to if I hear the word "Badger".

Sitting down for this rewatch, which has to be at least 20 years since the last viewing I had, I'm still extremely fond of UHF. I picked up on the spoofs way more than I probably did as a kid and I certainly had the same amount of fun with it. It feels a lot like Wayne's World to me now (another couple of movies I'm still super fond of) and even though it's certainly wilder in places, the plot isn't dissimilar really, with the same good hearted central "young adult" dealing with corrupt corporate types and what not.

UHF is just a blast. It's silly and often feels like sketches cobbled together with a pretty thin plot but its sort of adorable in its innocence and wide eyed approach to chuckles. UHF was a great rewatch and I've not got most of the memorable lines stuck in my head on loop.  



The presentation here is actually much better than I expected it to be. It's be no means perfect but colours are warm and bright, light sources give everything a fresh looking pop and the image, despite the odd fleck of dirt looks pretty clean.

Of course there's only so far this goofy 80s low budget comedy can go in the visuals department. Once we get outside of the flashy opening Indiana Jones spoof, with its cinematic lighting and relatively close shot for shot replication of the Spielberg classic, UHF returns to a more mundane looking 80s comedy.

Colours remain strong, with reds slightly overcooked, detail is okay and sets look pretty great throughout, same goes for the black levels, which give everything a much sharper look at times, and you really notice the difference if they're not quite as strong in some scenes. There's a fair bit of damage and dirt but it's not ever terrible and the film is all a bit brown and grey at times but it never looks drab (well some wider shots do) so all in all this HD release winds up pretty damn good all things considered.



The audio is quite thin and hollow and not all that dynamic, even at its wildest but it's clear enough and only serves a slight muffle at the higher pitches of dialogue. The music of the film works much better, it's strong and pretty overpowering at times and really brings the track to life.

The balance between dialogue and background noise is pretty good. Sound effects hit a little too hard in the centre but it's all quite inherent to the films style. Despite the limitations all the enhancements are heard on the track and the crisper, wider audio presentation if felt, especially to this fan who hasn't really seen the film since a recorded off the TV VHS I rewatched the hell out of in my youth.



Trailer. Just the trailer and nothing else.



UHF is quite literally a blast from the past. Wacky, silly and full of classic offbeat and crazy moments, the Weird Al movie still has a lot going for it. The disc is quite good to look at, has acceptable audio but sadly no features, so that's a bit of a pin in the balloon of this all round fun revisit.