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The early 90’s don’t seem so long ago, but watching Wayne’s World 2 made me realise how things have changed in just under a decade. Nearly ten years on and long hair, faded jeans and Heavy Metal music are no longer as popular as they used to be. However Wayne’s World and its extremely popular sequel are still entertaining fans throughout the world. Released only a year after the original, Wayne’s World 2 went on to earn over two hundred million dollars. The gamble of releasing the sequel so soon after the original obviously seemed to pay off. Now Wayne’s World 2 is available on DVD. Read on to see if it stands the test of time.

Wayne's World 2
Wayne’s World 2 is set a year after the original movie. Wayne (Mike Myers) has now got a place of his own and is still best friends with Garth (Dana Carvey). The duos also still run their cult cable TV show Wayne’s World.  The show is no longer broadcast from their parents’ basement, but from Wayne’s house (closed down doll factory). Not much has changed in the past year. Wayne still dates Cassandra (Tia Carrere) and enjoys Heavy Metal music. The movie starts off with Wayne and Garth attending a Aerosmith concert. The pair have backstage passes and manage to meet the band.  Wayne however is not totally happy with life and believes that he needs to do something more meaningful. He starts having weird dreams. The Doors lead singer Jim Morrison and a naked Indian visit him in his sleep one night.  Morrison tells Wayne that he should put on a rock concert in Aurora. Wayne believes the rock star and sets about arranging the concert.

Wayne enrols the help of Garth to organise the event. The biggest problem seems to be that they cannot get any bands to play there.  Foolishly they claim that they have the likes of Aerosmith and Pearl Jam playing at the concert. They also decide to call the event Wayne Stock. During one of Wayne’s weird dreams he is told by Morrison to go to London and persuade a retired roadie called Del Preston to help organise the event. After much persuasion the Preston decides to join the lads and help organise the concert.

Another aspect of the movie involves the relationships that Wayne and Garth have. Wayne is a very jealous guy and doesn’t like the attention that Cassandra gets.  She has signed up with Sharpe Records (carrying on from the end of the first movie) and her manager Bobby (Christopher Walken) is keen for her to move away from Aurora. His motives are not just work related though as he has a crush on Cassandra. Garth also has a girlfriend, Mrs Hornee (played by Kim Basingner). The pair meet in a laundrette and start going out. The relationship has a big effect on Garth and he even starts wearing Brut aftershave! However, Garth’s woman is not just after him for his good looks and sense of humour. She has other motives which are exposed as the movie progresses.

What made Wayne’s World so popular was its originality. The sequel was always going to have to be something special to stand out. While not being as good as the original, there are certainly enough good points in the film to make it worthwhile. There are several very funny moments which should have you laughing in your seats. The scene where Wayne and Garth find themselves in a gay bar dressed as ‘Village People’ from the YMCA song is quite amusing. Another highlight is when Wayne meets Cassandra’s father for the first time. Let’s just say that they don’t get on very well and end up coming to blows.  A lot of sequels don’t manage to keep the original stars but Wayne’s World 2 has all the original cast members (excluding Rob Lowe). The success of the original can be seen in the sequel because several celebrities were obviously keen to star in it. If you look carefully you will see guest appearances from Drew Barrymore, Heather Locklear and Charlton Heston.

Wayne's World 2
As the first movie relied heavily on Wayne and Garth’s TV show; it was disappointing that the sequel showed very little of it. In the whole movie we get to see maybe five minutes of the programme, which is a let down. The TV show was one of the main strengths of the original so it won’t be a great surprise to hear that the sequel doesn’t quite live up to the high standards set.  The jokes are not as free flowing as I would have hoped, and the whole pace of the movie is a lot slower.

There is no doubt that Wayne’s World 2 is a funny film. It’s the type of film where you need to be in a silly mood to really get the best from the movie. Wayne’s World 2 also has lots of references to other movies. ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘Thelma & Louise’ and ‘Batman’ are all subjected to elements of Mickey taking. I am going to recommend this movie simply because it is a fun night’s entertainment which you don’t need to think too much about. Wayne’s World is a worthy sequel Dude!

I have recently reviewed the original Wayne’s World movie on Region two so I am aware of the quality of that release. Sadly Wayne’s World 2 is not up to the same standard. The transfer is 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen, but it is slightly disappointing. The picture seemed grainier than the original and colours appeared to be a  little washed out. Skin tones also seemed dull. On the plus side, picture clarity was reasonable and there was no obvious sign of edge enhancement. There was also no evidence of compression problems. Overall, not a classic transfer, but perfectly acceptable.

Wayne’s World 2 has an English Dolby Digital 5.1 track as well as a German 2.0 track.  The 5.1 track has been remixed from the original 2.0 track and to be honest the rear speakers are rarely put to use during the whole film. The movie is very much dialogue driven, so there is not much scope for the rears to be used. However the two Aerosmith moments (one at the beginning and then at the end) are awesome and well worth listening too.  I cannot really complain about the track provided as it does its job well.

Wayne's World 2
The best extra on this disc is called ‘Cast and Crew Interviews’. This is a fourteen minute featurette which includes several interviews with just about everyone involved in the movie. Mike Myers talks the most, and starts off honestly by saying that the sequel only came about because the original was so successful. He talks about the fight scene with Cassandra’s father and the fact that the actor who played the father performed more stunts than he did. The director also talks quite a bit during the featurette. He mentions that he was very nervous working with Christopher Walken. Also quite interesting was the fact that Aerosmith were invited to star in the original movie but turned down the offer. Obviously the success of Wayne’s World persuaded them to take part in the sequel. Tia Carrere also talks about her working relationship with Christopher Walken. She mentions that he is perceived as being dark and spooky, but in fact he is actually very funny.  Something I didn’t realise is that Christopher Walken used to be a Broadway dancer. The featurette finishes with some behind the scenes footage.

The only other extra on this disc is the Audio Commentary with Director Stephen Surjik. He starts off by talking about how he didn’t just want to copy the first movie. Wayne’s World was great but he wanted to makes something just as original. He uses the phrase ‘to make a smart stupid’ film. I found the section about putting a good joke at the beginning of the movie very interested. He mentions that if you make the audience laugh early on in the movie it relaxes them, and they enjoy the movie more. He also shortened a lot of the scenes so it was more audience friendly. The director also pays compliments to Aerosmith during the commentary .He says that they were always on time and realised that it wasn’t their film. Unlike most rock stars they understood that they were not the most important people onset and they were keen to put in hard work. Also worth listening to is the section detailing the fight with Cassandra’s father. The scene took a long time to plan. They wanted it to be like a very bad Kung Fu movie so careful consideration was taken to make it look tacky.  This commentary is not very amusing which is a little disappointing considering the type of film it relates to. I was expecting more humour from the director, but he seemed more interested in talking about technical aspects of the movie. It would have been better if he had commented on some of the funny moments. Fans of the movie will find the commentary very informative but slightly lacking in the comedy stakes.

Sadly that’s all you get as far as extras are concerned. It would have been nice if there were some other additions, but even a trailer or production notes would have been welcome.

Wayne’s World 2 is a worthy sequel. It may not have the same originality as Wayne’s World, but it certainly contains enough funny moments to keep you amused for the duration of the movie. The audio and visual aspects of this movie are adequate, but not exceptional. As for the extras, fans might be a little disappointed. The commentary and featurette are interesting, but other items could have been added.