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It doesn’t seem so long ago that I was sitting in my parents house watching Wayne’s World on VHS but as I was reviewing this disc I was amazed to find out that Wayne’s World is actually ten years old. NO Way – Yes Way! Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar arrived onto our screens in 1992. Their success was instant and they rapidly built up a cult following. Wayne and Garth introduced their own phrases, which could be heard all around the world. Their success not surprisingly sparked a hastily made sequel a year later which also proved to be a smash hit. Since 1993 all has been quiet from the hippy pair. That is until now! That’s right, Wayne’s World has finally found its way on to DVD and I am delighted to review this disc.

Wayne's World
Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) and Garth Algar (Dana Carvey) are your typical suburban teenagers. They live with their parents and generally chase women whilst out having a good time. Wayne and Garth have their own basement cable show and have been buddies for years. The show is a bizarre chat programme where the pair do wacky things and generally goof about. Items on their show range from a demonstration of a suction hair trimmer to tributes to Claudia Schiffer. One day they hope that the show will become popular and they will earn enough money to buy whatever they like.  Well their dreams come true when TV exec Benjamin Oliver (Rob Lowe) stumbles across the show and realises that Wayne’s World could be a hit with the younger audiences. Quick to tie the duo down he offers them a fat cheque in exchange for the rights to the show. Unaware of what is going on the duo sign the contracts and look forward to a rich life. Things start going wrong when the show gets sponsored by the local amusement arcade. As part of the sponsorship the owner wants his own weekly slot on the show as well as his company’s name plastered everywhere. Obviously Wayne and Garth are not happy with the changes and walk out of the show.

The other element that the film focuses on is the romance in the guys’ lives. Wayne is the more successful of the two. That is not really anything to be proud about though as Garth’s love life is pretty nonexistent!  Wayne has just escaped from a painful relation ship with Stacy. She cannot come to terms with the fact they have split up and to some extent stalks Wayne. Whilst out at their local night club Wayne stumbles upon Cassandra (Tia Carrere) a Rock chick that he instantly fancies. Garth on the other hand has a crush on a waitress at the local diner. One of my favourite scenes in the movie involves Garth’s rendition of ‘Foxy Lady’ whilst trying to win over the waitress.

Wayne’s World is very much like a documentary. The characters often speak directly to the camera. This approach works well and contributes to some of the funnier moments in the movie. Wayne loves speaking to the camera whilst Garth becomes nervous and often hides away whenever he is left in front of the camera. This movie is not for audiences who like serious films. Its safe to say that Wayne’s World is meant as a fun comedy, which aims to poke fun at as many different areas as possible. Ten years on and Wayne’s World is one movie that has not decayed with age! It is just as funny now as when released.  For a silly night’s entertainment you could do a lot worse then partying on with Wayne and Garth. Recently I have had the chance to watch many of my old favourites on DVD and all but a few have disappointed me. Many films don’t live up to the expectations I have of watching from my childhood. Wayne’s World however makes me laugh just as much now as it has ever done. Its certainly a movie that every comedy fan should have in his collection.

Wayne's World
Wayne's World is presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen. Overall I was very impressed with the transfer. Some of the scenes are a little too grainy but not bad enough to spoil my enjoyment of the movie. Considering that Wayne’s World was not meant to be a box office smash, the overall transfer of the movie is very impressive. The colours appear life like and overall image is clear and sharp.

The film has a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack, which actually proves to be one of the better comedy soundtracks released on Region 2. The 5.1 track provides clear dialog.  Surrounds are also used more effectively than most comedies. Several times during the film the rear channels sparked to life. Several scenes make good use of all the surround speakers. One particular example is where the duo are watching planes land. The concert scene with Alice Cooper is worth listening to as well. Wayne’s World doesn’t have the most demanding soundtrack but it deals with everything that is thrown at it. Overall a very impressive addition to the disc.

As well as the 5.1 track there is also a German surround track. This disc includes a huge array of subtitles. Included are English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, German and many more. In total there are over fifteen different languages. Surprisingly French is not included.

Wayne's World
All of the features have been housed in some really clever and entertaining menus that replicate those rolling cable TV channel guides.

Mike Myers starts off the documentary by explaining where Wayne’s character came from. Originally Wayne was supposed to be a kid growing up in Canada and in fact Mike started playing the character was he when he was younger at parties. One of the first things that surprised me in this documentary is how different Dana Carvey looks. He looks nothing like Garth in real life! There is some good input from Garth about how he based the character of Garth on his brother. Also involved in this documentary is Director Penelope Spheeris. She talks about why she chose to work on Wayne's World. Even Rob Lowe gets to talk about how he is a huge fan of the show. The last cast member to speak is Tia Carrere. She talks about learning Cantonese during the film and also how the film kick started her career.

The amount of effort that went into creating the sets is shown during this documentary. The Director was sure of what she wanted Wayne's street / house to look like and she made sure that everything was 100% accurate. One of the most interesting areas of this documentary was the conversation about what scenes should make the final cut. There were a lot of scenes, which were spontaneous.

Also very interesting was the section about the Bohemian Rhapsody scene. Mike and Dana talk about how painful shooting that scene was. Their necks ached for days after all the head banging! One of the main things you get from this documentary is the sense of enjoyment the cast and crew got from making the film. Everyone talks with great enthusiasm and is grateful to be part of the movie. At just over 23 minutes this documentary is one of the best I have seen on DVD so far. It is detailed and interesting as well as being funny. The documentary is titled Extreme Close-Up and that is exactly what you get. One of the most detailed documentaries I have seen so far and my only gripe was that it ended so soon!

There is also a commentary by director Penelope Spheeris. She starts off by talking about Saturday Night Live and how it contributed to the success of Wayne's World. What I found instantly was that there were quite large gaps between her comments.  At first what Penelope has to say is interesting but after a while it gets a little boring. The commentary would have been better if Mike Myers and Dana Carvey had some input. A lot of the conversation revolves around her input and philosophy about making the film. It would have been nice to hear about some funny incidents that happened during filming instead of why she chose to film certain shots! This commentary is worth listening to but doesn't really fit in with the fun feeling of the movie. It is too serious and I found myself forwarding some of the dull moments.

Also included is a trailer, which lasts for just under two minutes. All of the extras are neatly arranged in what can only be described as a TV listing menu. At the top of the screen is a preview of TV shows whilst the TV guide acts as a selection for the movie or extras. Quite a clever alternative for a DVD menu system.

It has taken long enough for Wayne’s World to be released on DVD and finally we have a release, which will keep fans happy for the time being. I am not convinced that this will be the ultimate release of the movie on DVD but for the short term it will do. The transfer is good and the sound quality is better then was expected. The Extras are a mix of good and bad really. There could have been a better choice but what is included certainly adds a good insight into the movie. The final decision about buying this release will be whether or not you can wait for a more extra-packed release. I would recommend buying this one, as the wait for Wayne’s World on DVD has been long enough!