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Bill Murray plays legendary gonzo writer Hunter S. Thompson in this madcap tale of the storyteller and his attorney Lazio (Peter Boyle) as we look back at the pair during some of their sixties and seventies mis-adventures.


This Blu-ray release is a small lesser known catalogue release but the image is better than I expected. The colours are a little muted, well at least compared to modern comedies but the presentation is otherwise clean, bright and full of detail. Sets look noticeably good and it's really only the heavier grain filed elements that highlight the age of the film and remind us this is an eighties comedy (1980).

This release balances what you'd think it would look like, an eighties comedy and how you'd want an HD upgrade of that to look. Cleaner,  brighter and sharper. There are obvious limitations, issues that only a full restoration might improve but I still ended up impressed y'know. It's by no means the greatest presentation but everything still looks fresh and clean and for smaller cult titles like this that's usually just enough.


The stereo track sounds pretty good. Everything is clear enough, well placed and strong but it's not a film that's doing much but beyond characters talking, mumbling and shouting so there's not alot for it to do.

Some musical numbers from the likes of Neil Young and Bob Dylan (yeah its a good soundtrack) widen the track and have a fair bit of punch to them considering the lack of bass and the odd sound effect such as a tapping typewriter key fill the track out and sound crisper than youd imagine they would given the films age and near forgotten status.


Given the existence of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Hunter S. Thompson's continued appeal in Hollywood and all that appear in this film, it would have been nice to see something additional. Universal even mention how Bill Murray spent time with the real Hunter S. Thompson for the role and went on to infuriate his co-stars on his return to Saturday Night Live in their press release but sadly there's nothing like that,  or anything else on the disc, so a selection of interesting story potential is missed here.


I'll admit it, I didn't really know this film existed and if I did somewhere in the back of my mind,  I certainly didn't know it was a Hunter S. Thompson film with the Thompson role being played by Bill Murray. It's actually odd seeing Murray play a role like this, we've grown so used to Bill being Bill (or at least what we've grown to love him doing) so going back this far in his career and watching him portray a real person that many an actor has taken a pop at too since was sort of awesome in itself.

Despite its issues Where The Buffalo Roam is worth a watch but the film is very much one of those films that doesn't get made anymore. Wild, playful, silly and generally not audience friendly (mainly because of the over long scenes) unless there aware of the inspiration behind the project. The disc looks pretty good, sounds okay but has zero in the way of features.

 Where The Buffalo Roam
 Where The Buffalo Roam
 Where The Buffalo Roam
 Where The Buffalo Roam
 Where The Buffalo Roam
 Where The Buffalo Roam