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Whipped is the story of three friends Jonathon, Zeke and Brad who pride themselves on their ability to “score” with women. Every Sunday they gather in a local café to talk about their latest exploits, taking every opportunity to drop the magic f-word and question each other’s sexuality. Likening themselves to various film stars in their demeanour, the three boys are definitely not short on confidence. Brad prides himself on his good looks, Zeke regards “scamming” as an art form and Jonathon likes to think he is brilliant to talk to. Actually, the guys are really portrayed as pretty dumb, if a bit lucky to be getting any in the first place.

Then along comes Mia, a seemingly wonderful girl that all three boys meet on separate occasions. And sure enough, they all think she’s the one. That is, until they figure out she’s playing them all. Mia somehow manages to convince them that she can date all three at the same time, leading to some very bizarre and interesting consequences.

The boys chat about their exploits
The film plays for some crude laughs, although there’s not a fart joke in sight. But rest assured, there’s a lion’s share of sexual taunts, toilet humour and wrestling with a vibrator. There are some genuinely funny moments, but none of them are very original, nor are they regularly placed during the film. The back cover states that it is “American Pie meets Sex in the City (sic)” but its more of a poor man’s Body Shots than anything else. The characters talk to the camera as if they are being interviewed, but the solid writing is lacking, making the whole exercise seem very pointless.

The biggest name in this film is Amanda Peet of The Whole Nine Yards fame, who plays the devious Mia to appropriately grating effect. You’ll buy the fact that she thinks she can date them all at once and you won’t be shocked at her audacity. The three boys are played reasonably well, with the less than impressive script not helping their cause for something better.

At 79 minutes, the film plays out in the right amount of time, meaning you’ll get tired of the crude jokes and all-too-familiar sex talk but won’t be tempted to throw the remote at your telly. Just as well, because anything over 80 minutes might have seen me a little more than unimpressed.

One of the new Wiggles
The film is presented in 1.85:1 and is 16:9 enhanced. The picture actually looks quite impressive, if a little washed out at times. There’s plenty of opportunity to exploit the bright colour of the surroundings and the transfer does a serviceable job without being too outstanding. For a film that ranks among the straight-to-video and cable fare, there’s at least a decent picture to watch.

There’s a Dolby Digital 5.1 track on this release, though there’s not all that much scope to use the speakers to their full potential. Dialogue is clear for the duration and the music booms out quite admirably, but that’s about it really.

Nothing of substance here, just the theatrical trailer, which shouldn’t be classed as a special feature at all these days, especially if you’re not at all impressed with the film. Ho hum.

The boys get whipped
The low budget aspect of this flick really shows up, as does the pretty feeble writing. The performances are admirable considering what they had to work with, although likeable characters seem to be reserved for the extras in this flick. Whipped is all the bad things a film like Body Shots left out and does little to entertain over its thankfully short running time. Some may like the film, but the disc is less than admirable despite an above average transfer.