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After breaking down in the middle of nowhere with no phone signal (that old chestnut) a group of friends decide that the one mile walk to the local wrecking yard is a better option that the four mile trek into town, but when Jared’s (Mike Erwin) girlfriend Kate (Cameron Richardson) accidently gets shot, Jared makes the run to town to get help. Returning back to the junkyard, Jared’s friends are gone and the junkyard starts becoming a killing ground, but who is the killer and why?

Oh come on, what's the worst that could happen at a junkyard?
Wreckage is a low budget, utterly routine, pretty tame slasher movie with a thoroughly guessable twist and almost no real tension or atmosphere, yet somehow on a Sunday afternoon this was quite acceptable and dare I say, enjoyable. The cast are all solid despite the pretty creaky dialogue and lead Mike Erwin gets the job done despite his clichéd backstory and good looks. I quite like Cameron Richardson in movies, despite her limited input here and there’s also a great/strange performance from Scoot McNairy (the guy from Monsters) in a kooky hillbilly comic relief role that I couldn’t help but like despite the fact the character didn’t really fit into the rest of the movie.

Really the only issue here is the low budget, which offers up a terrible score, some boring lighting and a pretty limited scope to deliver anything outside of the basics. There’s much worse out there with bigger budgets and even though there’s nothing new here it was still pretty entertaining, even if the climax felt rushed and I’m not sure who saved the girl in the opening scene and I’m not 100% sure who the guy in the welders mask was. Even so, this low budget horror was okay in the end.

It's okay, she hasn't been skinned so we know it's not Predators.


I’ve mentioned the lighting already, but what it does is cheapen the overall look of this movie. For a middle of the night setting, the movie doesn’t feel all that scary. Everyone is well lit and this generates a TV movie feel all the way through the very short eighty-two minute runtime. That said, skin tones are okay if a little on the pink side in some cases, the transfer is clean and bright and even though it’s soft in places, detail levels are pretty good, especially when it comes to the thickness of blood or blood soaked clothing but there’s no real murkiness to the darker areas of the movie.

Don't shoot! Don't shoot! I was in Monsters!


Well the 5.1 option is almost entirely pointless here. I think I picked up on two, maybe three uses of the rear speakers that generated any real effect and beyond that it’s a track that’s as simple as peas. The terrible synth score is tinny and hollow. Dialogue is clear until someone shouts and even then it just feels screechy and muffled and there is literally nothing dynamic or playful with the mix at all, not even that much of a volume jump for the scares - so pretty boring really.

Yeah right, like guys that look and act like me ever die in horror films.


The only extra is the trailer so I guess we'll need to wait for the sequel Wreckage II: Check Yourself Before you Wreck Yourself 3D before they serve more up.

Oh come on - why would you even stand there?


Wreckage was an easy watch in the middle of a Sunday afternoon after getting up from a late one on a Saturday night. Any viewing outside of that specific set up might have made me more inclined to be mean as this horror isn’t scary, horrifying or all that memorable and has a run of the mill plot that goes through the motions until the credits roll. The disc is bare bones and is slightly below average A/V wise so there’s nothing to hype there either. This is just pretty people get killed in boring ways but it’s not as bad as the budget limitations could have made it, so there’s a positive.