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Sorry folks, but this appears to be a fairly feeble attempt by Silverline to release old back catalogue material (1974) into the new DVD-A medium - a medium which itself outshines by far the source material used in its production !

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With no photo gallery, no video, no lyrics, in fact, no extras of any sort, and only 36 minutes of music, this is definitely a disc for die hard BTO fans only.

This live concert was recorded in Chicago on March 8th, 1974 and although I was a huge fan at the time, the material has not aged well. The shouts from the band of “rock and roll, rock and roll...” and “do you feel alright ?” are soooo 70’s it just makes one cringe, and not just a little either, this is bigtime cringing we are talking about here.

The 5.1 mix is well below average, with very little sub woofer information and rear channel data being limited to what sounds like a minor time delay and slight reverb from the front channels - obviously in an attempt to simulate the concert hall feel. But sadly, even this fails. Even listening in straight stereo to try and get rid of the extraneous rear noises is disappointing. However, the track change overs are nicely edited - it actually makes you think that the recording is linear, but it is only 36 minutes and I refuse to believe that BTO would have only performed for half an hour. Where is the rest of the concert ? Did they really only play for 36 minutes ?? I’m a bit confused about this point - with the quality being so poor anyway, would it have hurt to add the rest (if there is a “rest”) of the concert ? Musically, the band do their job with enthusiasm and their usual graunchy style, but a lot of the oomph is missing from this DVD.

The Playlist

As I said, I was a fan in the 70’s - so much so that my Brother In Law bought me “Not Fragile” on vinyl for my birthday, and it was played to death..... I just wonder why the powers that be chose to release a third grade live concert instead of the (in my opinion) superior material from that LP.

There is not a lot else to say about “From The Front Row” except, I’m glad I wasn’t sitting in it at the time.