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Hugely successful, and a complete blow-out of style, The Anger Management tour finally hits DVD for all the Eminem fanatics out there. If you were there you probably have great interest in picking up this DVD; it was apparently a hell of a show from the master of controversial lyrics himself, and a true spectacle to behold.

The Concert
Today I bring this review to you from two unique music lovers. Firstly there is myself; a person of eclectic taste that spans from Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 in D minor to the robust and eccentric realms of the rap master himself. Admintadly my tastes do lean more to the classical side of the musical spectrum, but I do not dismiss music that catches my ear. Indeed, there is an ever-growing heap of Eminem’s music in my collection that just gets bigger and bigger every year. Sure his lyrics are an aquired taste, but his overall music and style is not to be dismissed as easily as some of his lyrics. The second person who also watched this DVD is something of an avid Eninem fan who actually attened this very concert when it hit the U.K. His opinion on the DVD is that every Eminem fan out there ought to love it, and lap it up. It’s got the style, the intelligence and the sheer specticle to captivate rap fans the world over, or so he says.

I think perhaps I agree with him on this one, and even though I’m not the biggest Eminem fan there is (I’m more the on/off sort), I have to admit that this DVD caught me off guard, and captured my attention for an hour and a half.  To be honest I think it is bound to appeal to both E’s casual and hardcore fans and rap fans alike. One thing I will say is that the show itself was pretty spectacular, with top notch production, classy showmanship and some truly deafening uses of bass. But I really did enjoy this DVD, a lot more than I expected actually. I thought bits of it were undeniably showy and flash, maybe too much for its own good in my opinion, but the overall package was certainly entertaining and that’s good enough for me. Moreover, Eminem is truly great performer, rapping for hours on end with no miming in sight!

The performed songs are in the following order: Square Dance, Business, White America, Kill You, When the Music Stops, Pimp Like Me, Fight Music, Purple Pills, Stan, The Way I Am, Soldier, Cleanin’ Out My Closet, Forget About Dre, Drips, Superman, Drug Ballad, Just Don’t Give A ****, Sing For The Moment, Without Me and My Dad’s Gone Crazy.

The video here, presented in widescreen, is the typical concert-look found on pretty much all the DVD’s out there. It has that distinctive look; it’s a sort of half sharp, half murky fusion that can’t seem to make up its mind whether it’s a good print or a bad one. And with half of it swallowed up in darkness with countless crowd shots and the like, it’s often quite dazzling on the optic nerves. Still, it’s a good transfer, and of all the concert DVD’s I’ve seen it happens to be one of the best.

Yep, full on Dolby Digital 5.1 is what you have to feast on with this DVD, and it sounds brilliant. There is the option to switch to a DD 2.0 soundtrack of course but come on, if you have a home cinema and one of those lovely boom boxes we like to call a subwoofer, you know exactly what to do; crank that baby up and ignore the desperate pleas of the angry neighbours. It’s the only way to truly experience this DVD in all its glory. As for the rest of the speaker range, the centre channel is often a bit garbled due to the nature of the show I suppose, but the directional speakers get a healthy workout and sound quite pleasing. Overall the audio is very good here, and sounds about as good (and as deep) as you could have hoped for.

A slightly boring menu system is marred further by heinous music. I know the music is supposed to sync with the persona of The Anger Management Tour, but I found its carousel style infuriating. On to the features then, or should I say, feature. ‘On the Road’ is a half hour feature about the making of the tour; it’s goofy, a little pretentious at times but a mostly harmless look at the innards of such a production, and the preparations and rehearsals from all involved.

On the whole, The Anger Management Tour DVD is definitely for Eminem’s fans, but it should also appeal to those who consider themselves passive fans too, of either him or just the genre. I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed the DVD, and I am almost certainly a passive E listener. The disc itself is pretty good; the audio and visual aspects are not the best but certainly good enough for a concert, especially from the audio side of things. The only included extra might seem generic on the surface but it’s still entertaining.